• Teams competing in tournaments for 13U will be subject to a 7 inning or 1 hour and 45 minute time limit.
  • Teams competing in tournaments 14U – 18U will be subject to a 7 inning or 2 hour time limit (high school rules).
  • Teams advancing to the championship rounds are based on seeding within pool and then against the field.  (Example:  If the top 8 teams advance from 4 pools the #1 seeds will be seeded 1-4 and the #2 seeds will be ranked 5-8 for overall seeding.  If the top 8 teams advance from 5 total pools the pool winners will be seeded 1-5 and the top ranked pool runner ups will be seeded 6-8. A 3 seed from one pool can not be seeded higher than a #2 from any people regardless of record.) 

·      Run Rules:  15 runs after 3 innings of play  –  10 runs after 4 innings of play  –  8 runs after 5 innings of play.Pool play games can end in a tie with teams receiving half a win/loss.  All other rules not listed below follow NFHS guidelines 


Pre-Game Timing

  • Teams should be prepared and ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game is set to begin.
  • Games completed early will result in an early start for the following games, weather permitting.
  • There will be a 15 minute period in between games to allow crews time for field maintenance.  
  • Infield
  • Unless otherwise noted by a Tournament Director, no infield practice will be allowed prior to the start of any game.
  • Teams will be permitted to take ground/fly balls down the outfield lines prior to the start of their game.
  • NET Elite Tournaments uses some of the top fields in the area and we will abide by university/complex rules during our events.
  • Please remind your players and coaches NOT to use the infield prior to the game. Some fields that have turf will allow you to hit baseballs in the infield. 


Home/Visiting Team Designation

  • Pool Play:  Coaches will be subject to a coin flip prior to the start of each game to determine who is Home/Visitor.
  • Championship Rounds:  Teams advancing out of pool play will be seeded based on records, higher seed will have choice of home/away.
  • Seeding will be made available to all advancing coaches as soon as possible to prepare their team.


Pitching Restrictions

  • NET Elite Tournaments does NOT have a mandatory pitching limit on innings pitched.
  • HOWEVER, please remember that you are responsible for these young men and the futures they may have.

In-Game Activities – EH & DH

  • Teams will be allowed to use a DH and/or an EH during any given game.
  • Teams must designate who each player is and for what player the DH will be hitting for in the field of play.
  • Should teams enter the DH into the field of play, the DH position will be eliminated for the rest of the current game.
  • The EH may also enter the field of play but MUST remain in their current batting position.
  • The player for which the EH has replaced in the field will now become the EH but will remain in the same batting position.
  • Each team can hit as many EH as they would like example EH, EH2, EH3, ect..


In-Game Activities – General

  • Courtesy Runner:  Must be a player not currently in the game or the player who made the last out should a team not have an extra player on the bench. Only for Pitchers and Catchers
  • Intentional Walks:  Automatic intentional walk rule may be used.
  • Pitching Visits:  Second time a visit occurs in an inning with same pitcher we must be pulled. Example bottom 5thyou come out and talk to your pitcher.  Then a batter latter you come back out you must pull your pitcher. 
  • Slide Rules:  Players must try to avoid contact on all players during the game.  NET Elite Tournaments leaves it to the umpires discretion if there was intent to cause harm during contact.  Players using intent may be subject to ejection from the current game.
  • Bat Restrictions 13u is drop -5 and then 14-18u is BBCOR Only.  If the event is wood.  Any wood bat is legal.  COMPOSITE wood bats are legal during all wood bat tournament play!
  • Tie Breakers:  Overall Record, Head-To-Head, Runs allowed, Runs Scored, Run Difference Coin Toss will be the order to determine tie breakers. Example below.

Roster and Roster changes: Teams may change their rosters up until they start their first game. A player is eligible to compete in multiple divisions in the same tournament, but cannot play on more than one team per division in which they are eligible. In order to be eligible for playoff participation, the athlete participating in two different divisions must have appeared in at least two pool play games for the team he wishes to compete for. Division of play can be determined by grad class or age cut off. The age cut off will be May 1 of every year. For example, a 17-year-old sophomore is eligible to participate in 16U tournaments. This is determined by the athlete’s graduating class. 


Age Eligibility: A player’s age on April 30 of the season will dictate his age group for that season. A child’s grade may also be used for all age groups.  A child may play one (1) year down in an age group if they is eligible for that grade but they cannot play two (2) age groups down even if eligible for that grade. 


e.g. A 9u child may play 8u if they are in 2nd grade but would not be allowed to play 7u even if in 1st grade.  A player can always play up in age divisions.


Tie Breaker: If after 7 innings in Championship Rounds (excluding the Championship game) the two teams are still tied, the following tiebreaker rules will go into effect. The last three hitters from the previous inning will load the bases. The base runners will be placed as follows:

• Last hitter from previous inning @ 1st Base

• Hitter before him in the lineup @ 2nd Base

• Hitter before that in the lineup @ 3rd Base

• Normal substitution rules apply to these runners.

• The hitting team will start the inning with one out.

• Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.

Forfeits: All games must be started with at least eight (8) players. A game can be finished with seven (7) players, no less than (7). Once a team establishes it has 7 players it must finish the game with 7 players. The player leaving the original lineup cannot return and his spot in the hitting lineup will be recorded as an. In the event of forfeiture, the score is recorded as 7-0.  IF a player is injured and is taken out of the game and there is no one to replace him, he will be an out when we comes to the plate. 


 Rain Situations

  • Rain can play a role in any tournament. If rain comes into play, we will try to play every game. If that is impossible, we will play as many games as possible and play the most important games first. 


In case of rain: Time constraints will determine that status of all rain out games. It is solely the team’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of any scheduling changes. All information will be posted under the tournament and weather page as soon as it becomes official.

A complete game is 5 innings or 4 ½ if home team is winning.  IF game has been played over 1:15 time, NET Elite can call it a complete game if one team is winning more than 6 runs.   Suspended games of a complete inning (1) will resume from the point of suspension. Games with less than one (1) inning will start over.

Stop in Play: If a game is stopped, the game must resume within 1 hour of the stop in play. If a game is not resumed, it will become suspended or called official. If five (5) innings have been completed, or 4 1/2 innings and the home team is ahead; the game will be official if not resumed within 1 hour.


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