Youth Rules

NET Elite/17 Baseball Youth Tournament Rules

NET Elite/17 Tournaments reserves the right to adjust these rules prior to the start of a tournament. The Tournament Director will only address questions and concerns from a Manager or a Coach. NET Elite/17 Tournament Baseball Rules are based upon the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Book, with the following clarifications/modifications below.


Baseballs: NET Elite Tournaments will provide baseballs for each game. Teams are responsible to get balls that go out of play back in the game. If additional balls are required due to balls going out of play and not coming back in the game, then teams must supply the additional balls.

Cleats: Molded cleats allowed for all ages. Metal cleats allowed for 13u and older.
*If playing at a Turf Field or have portable mound, then NO METAL SPIKES allowed- only molded, tennis or turf shoes.


  • 12u and younger: Approved bats only. USSSA BPF 1.15 allowed. USA Bat Standard allowed. Legal wood bat allowed.
  • 13u D1: Cannot use a bat lighter than drop 5 (-5). Players and teams must comply with the age group rules for the age division in which they are playing.
  • 13u D2/D3: Cannot use a bat lighter than drop 8 (-8). Players and teams must comply with the age group rules for the age division in which they are playing.
  • 14u: BBCOR drop 3 (-3) or legal wood bat.


Game Time Limits:
Coach Pitch, 6U – 8U: 1hr
Kid Pitch: 8UKP: 1:15hr
9U-12U: 1:20hr
13/14U: 1:40hr
Game time limits apply to all games, including Championship games.

Innings per Game: All games for 12u and younger are 6 innings. 13u and older games are 7 innings.

Max Runs per Inning: 7 runs per inning for 6u, 7u, 8uCP and 8uKP. No run limit for 9u and older.

Mercy Rule: 9U-12U: 15 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings. 13U and up, 15 runs after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5 innings. Mathematical elimination for all coach pitch and 8uKP where applicable (15 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings).

Home Team: In pool play, a coin toss determines the home team. In bracket play, the higher seed has choice of home or away (same seeds that play each other in bracket play will be a coin toss). The home team keeps the official scorebook. The visiting team runs the scoreboard where applicable.
Dropped 3rd Strike: Only for 9u and older.

Infield Fly Rule: Only for 8uKP, 9u and older. No infield fly rule for Coach Pitch.
Leading Off: Allowed for 9u and older.

Balks: A balk is a dead ball. No balks for 8uKP. All type balks can be called for 9u and older. For 12u and younger, all fakes to 3rd are balks. For 13u and older, it is not a balk.

Intentional Walks: Coach Pitch- Not allowed. 8uKP, 9u and older- allowed by verbal command at any time. No pitches need to be thrown.

Slashing (Fake bunt, pull back, full swing): Only allowed for 14u and older. For 8U – 13U any fake bunt, swing attempts will result in batter being called out and any runners return to pre-pitch position.

Missing batter/injured batter: Automatic out unless a legal substitution occurs.

Slung bat: Player is called out after a warning to that player.
Pitcher removal: MLB Rule – After 2nd charged conference (i.e., mound visits) to the same pitcher in same inning, the same pitcher shall be removed as pitcher for the duration of the game.

Pitching limits: One (1) out equals one-third (1/3) of an inning, two (2) outs equal two thirds (2/3) of an inning and three (3) outs equals one (1) full inning. A pitcher that pitches in a game and records no outs is not charged any innings pitched.

PITCHING RULES – recorded by outs – 1 out = 1/3 inning

One Day Maximum Innings and Still Pitch the Next Day
One Day Maximum Innings
3 Day Maximum Innings
9U – 12U

Violation: A protest for pitching violation may be filed at any point after the pitcher in violation records an out past his/her legal limit, but must be filed while the player being protested is the pitcher of record in the game. Any other player protest must be filed before the game ends, and player has to be in the game at the time of the protest. Penalty for a successful protest includes forfeit of the game and the manager is ejected (see ejection rules below). Protest fee is $200.

Warm-up Pitches: 8 pitches if the starting pitcher or a new pitcher; 5 pitches if a returning pitcher.

Courtesy runner: A courtesy runner is allowed for the pitcher & catcher of record. The courtesy runner is the Last Batted Out if CBO (Continuous Batting Order). If it is a traditional lineup, then the courtesy runner is an eligible sub.

Team Line-Up – Designated Hitter/Extra Hitter or Continuous line-up: Coach Pitch teams must bat everybody. Kid pitch teams may hit straight 9, 9 with DH, 10 with DH, 10 with DH and EH or bat continuous line up. Up to the coach’s discretion. However, the lineup must stay intact through the entire game.

Lineup Minimum: For coach pitch, teams can start with 9 players but must take an out for the 10th spot in the lineup. For kid pitch, teams can start with 8 players but must take an out for the 9th spot in the lineup.

Forfeits: Forfeits are scored as 7-0.

Tiebreakers, pool play: Record (winning percentage), Head-to-Head, Runs Allowed, Run Differential, Coin Flip. The maximum run differential is 7 runs per game. The head-to-head tiebreaker is for when only two teams are tied and have played each other. If three or more teams are tied, then the first tiebreaking criteria is Runs Allowed and never reverts to head-to-head.

Tiebreakers, bracket play: Last batted out on 2B, one out.

Final Score Confirmation: All Managers/Head Coaches must meet with the umpires immediately after the game to confirm the score and pitching records.

Official Games: If a game is cancelled due to weather: 6U-12U- 3 innings (2.5 with home team leading) or 50% of game time has expired is a complete game. 13u and older- 4 innings (3.5 with home team leading) or 50% of game time has expired is a complete game.

Rain Delays: During a rain delay game clock will continue to run. If official game requirements have been met and game clock runs out before delay is over then it is considered a completed/official game. If official game requirements have not been met when delay starts then game will be suspended and time limit resumed when game resumes, unless tournament director decides otherwise.

Rain Out: If a tournament is rained out during bracket play, then seeding is the determining factor.

Protests: For rule interpretations only, the protesting team must pay $200 in cash. If the protest is successful, the money is refunded. Otherwise, the money goes to the tournament provider.

Umpire Ejections: The ejected party must leave the field area immediately and not be visible to the game and not communicate with the team. The ejected party may not return to the park for the remainder of that game. If the ejected party does not leave accordingly, that person’s team will be disqualified.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any aggression towards umpires, tournament officials, the opposing team, fans, or spectators is subject to any or all of the following:

  • a warning
  • a restriction to the bench/dugout for the remainder of the game. A coach may leave the bench/dugout to attend to a player who becomes ill or injured.
  • an immediate ejection
  • a ban from the remainder of the tournament
    a ban from all future tournaments.

8u Coach Pitch (8uCP) Specific Rules:

Fair Ball Arc: There shall be a twenty (20) foot arc drawn from first (1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. A batted ball must go past this line to be a fair ball.

Pitching Circle: There shall be a ten (10) foot diameter circle with the front edge at forty-two (42) feet from the rear point of home plate.

Bunts: No Bunting allowed

Pitching Coach: The Pitching Coach shall be an adult at least eighteen (18) years of age. Pitching coach must pitch at least 30’ from the batter. The Coach can pitch anywhere behind the 30’ line. The pitching coach shall position himself as not to be an obstruction to the defensive team on any possible play once the ball has been hit.

Penalty: If a coach violates this rule after the ball is pitched, obstruction shall be called.

Additional Penalty: If a coach violates this rule before the ball is pitched, First Offense- Warning. Second Offense- Removal of coach as the pitcher for the remainder of the game.

Defensive Positions: Ten (10) defensive players shall play in the field with four (4) outfielders. The fourth (4th) outfielder shall not assume an infield position. All outfielders shall stay behind the baseline. The defensive player listed as pitcher shall not leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit.

Penalty: The play continues. After the play has ended, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or no-pitch.

Additional Penalty: First Offense- Warning. Second Offense- Removal of player from the pitching position for the remainder of the game.

Infield Fly: The Infield Fly Rule shall not be in effect at any time.

Batting Order: The batting order shall constitute all present players on the team roster at the beginning of the game. Late arrivals shall be inserted at the bottom of the batting order. All players on the roster shall bat before returning to the top of the batting order.

Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. The ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) positions in the batting order shall be declared an out each turn at bat. A ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) player and all subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.

Teams may use free substitution on defense, but the batting order shall remain the same.

Pitches per Batter: The batter shall receive a maximum of five (5) pitches with unlimited foul balls or three (3) swinging strikes. The batter cannot be out on a foul ball unless it is caught by a fielder.

Intentional Walks: There are no intentional walks.

Leads & Stealing: Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. A runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is hit or reaches home plate.

Courtesy Runner: A courtesy runner for catcher of record only the previous inning may be used. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the previous out. If no outs have been recorded in the game, the courtesy runner shall be the previous batter not on base. If the team batting has not played defense yet and a courtesy runner is used for a player, the player that was run for must assume the catching position the next inning. This scenario only applies in the first inning for the visiting team.

Time Outs: Umpires shall call “Time” after every play and declare the ball dead. “Time” shall be called as soon as all runners are not attempting to advance. “Time” does not have to be called by the defense for the purpose of this rule. When a runner stands off a base and “jukes” or “feints” back and forth, this is to be interpreted as “not attempting to advance” and “Time” shall be called.When a batted ball hits the Pitching Coach, the following shall apply:
• If in the Umpire’s judgment, the coach did not make a legitimate attempt to avoid contact, the batter is declared out and no runners shall advance.
• If in the Umpire’s judgment, the coach did make a legitimate attempt to avoid contact, the ball becomes dead, and a no-pitch is declared.

Max Runs per Inning: 7 runs per inning

Mercy Rule: Mathematical elimination (15 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings)

8u Kid Pitch (8uKP) Specific Rules

Balks: Balk rules shall not apply.

Dropped 3rd Strikes: A batter shall be automatically out on a dropped/missed third (3rd) strike by the catcher.

Leads & Stealing: Runners shall not advance when the pitcher is on the pitching rubber with the ball in his possession and the catcher is in position to receive a pitch. On a base on balls, the batter may attempt to steal second prior to the pitcher and catcher coming set at his own risk, but if a runner is on third, he may not advance home even if the defense attempts to throw the runner out at second base. Runners shall not lead-off but may advance at their own risk (steal) once a pitched ball has passed home plate.

When a runner tries to advance prior to the pitched ball passing home plate, the following shall apply:

If the runner advances safely, the Umpire shall call “Time” and the runner shall return to the base last legally occupied at the time of the pitch. If the runner is called out, the call shall stand, and the runner is out. If the ball is hit, the defensive team shall have the option of the result of the play or a no pitch.

Runners shall not advance from third (3rd) base to home unless the runner is batted home or forced by a base on balls, hit batsman, or award from the Umpire. Runners shall not advance from third (3rd) base to home on passed balls, wild pitches or dropped / missed third (3rd) strikes by the catcher

Max Runs per Inning: 7 runs per inning

Mercy Rule: 15 runs after 4 innings; 8 runs after 5 innings. Mathematical elimination where applicable