June 28th 2019

Friday game 1 (Middle Tn Wolves vs Hustle 16u)


Hustle 16u’s starting pitcher, Beach, tossed 6 frames giving up only 3 runs earning himself the win. The Middle Tn Wolves got themselves on the board early in the first two innings. In the first inning, Will Burruss plated a baserunner with a single in the 4 hole for the first run of the game for. Burruss finished the day with 3 hits to his name going 3-4. Offensively for the Hustle, #2 Robinson had a good day going 2-3 with a single and a double to deep left center. #28 for Hustle came in the bottom of the 7th inning to close the game as he records three quick outs. The final score of the game is Hustle 16u 4, Middle Tn Wolves 3.


Friday game 2 (Invaders vs Grays 15u Black)


The Invaders’ first baseman Barrese broke the tie in the 3rd inning with an rbi triple to left center. Along with his triple, he also hit a 3 run homerun to deep left center giving his team a 5-0  lead. The Invaders’ pitcher #13, Caruso, pitcher a gem of a game. He threw all 6 frames while only allowing 3 hits while striking out 8 batters. For Grays 15u, pinch hitter James Good delivered for his team with a line drive into left field. Also for the Grays, shortstop Kayden Allen had a hard line drive into left center. The final score of the game was Invaders 8, Grays 15u Black 0 in 6 innings.


Friday game 3 (Diamond Elite vs At the Yard)


Low scoring affair as Diamond Elite strike first in the 4th inning as #18 Mutter sacrificing himself as he bunts a run in. Starting pitcher for Diamond Elite threw 3 frames giving up no runs. #14 Wiles for At The Yard had himself a huge triple to right center. Furuta, the starting pitcher for At The Yard threw 6.1 innings giving up only 3 hits and 1 run. A big 7th inning gave At The Yard the lead as they hit back to back doubles by Furuta and Penny to take a 2-1 lead. Penny came in to close the game as At The Yard beat Diamond Elite 2-1.


Saturday game 1 (Showcase 16u Elite vs Falcons)


The Falcons’ starting pitcher, Grayson Waddle, tossed 4 innings giving up only 4 hits and no runs. The Showcase Elite’s pitchers did well as #14 Christian threw 5.2 frames surrendering 1 run. Offensively the Falcons’ leadoff hitter shined with 2 doubles to his name. Also Luke Francisco drove in the lone run for the Falcons with a sac fly in the top of the 6th. For the Showcase Elite hits were at a premium but #11 Derek had 2 singles and an RBI. The final score of the game was Falcons 1, Showcase Elite 1.


Saturday game 2 (Crusaders vs Showcase 16u Elite)


In the first inning, the Crusaders score 2 runs off of good base running and an RBI single from shortstop B. Rollins. The Showcase Elite answer with 3 runs of their own in the bottom half. The 2 hole batter #24 Brandon drove a run with a single. Also, #22 Painter had an RBI single in the first inning; he finished the day 2-3. In the 3rd inning J Diamond helped his team with a sac fly. C. Torbett for the Crusaders closed the game striking out 3 batters ending the game. The final score of the game was Crusaders 10, Showcase 16u Elite 4.


Saturday game 3 (Launch OTK vs RBI Titans)


A big 3rd inning from Launch OTK helped lead the squad to victory in this hot afternoon matchup. H. Drzemiecki for Launch OTK had a great day going 2-3  with a single and a double while driving in 3 of his team’s runs. Also for Launch,  #5 Rhom hit 2 singles one being a scorching line drive up the middle. The RBI Titans began producing runs in the top of the 3rd sparked by #23 Long’s RBI single. The Titans finished the inning scoring a total of 3 runs. The final score of the game was Launch OTK 10, RBI Titans 4.


Saturday game 4 (Knoxville Stars vs Team Easton)


The Knoxville Stars’ pitching staff did a good job limiting runs only giving up 3 runs in the game. Starting pitcher #14 Sonner threw 2.2 innings giving up 2 runs and relief pitcher #13 Breeden finished the game giving up 1 run. #16 H. Erts for Team Easton had a good day at the plate going 2-2 driving in his teams’ first run of the game. The Knoxville Stars’ shortstop Randolph went 2-2 with a double and a triple! In the top of the 4th inning Breeden plated a run via a sac fly. The final score of the game was Knoxville Stars 6, Team Easton 3.


Saturday game 5 (RBI Titans vs Fury)


In the first inning, the RBI Titans’ leadoff batter Presson drew a walk and hustled all the way to second. Imediately after he catches the pitcher sleeping and takes 3rd base as well. Also for the Titans Cobble went 1-3 with a walk and an rbi. Not many hits for Fury as they only had 4 hits. Lead off batter, Posey went 1-3 with a hard hit single. Also for Fury, Emery had a single to his name. From the Titans, #16 Joiner had two singles and two RBIs. The final score of the game was RBI Titans 9, Fury 1.


Sunday game 1 (RBI Titans vs NRV Tigers)


RBI Titans leadoff hitter, Cobble, reached base on a single up the middle and later made it home from a double from #36 Bartee. The NRV Tigers scored 4 runs in the second inning with the help from #21 Keith who had a 3 RBI double giving them their first lead of the game. After the 2nd inning rally the Tigers were limited to no runs. In the 4th inning Tigers’ relief pitcher, #42 Punley, came in and finished the game giving up no runs and only 1 hit! Hicks for the Titans also had an RBI double to right center in the 3rd inning. The final score of the game was NRV Tigers 6, RBI Titans 5.


Sunday game 2 (Wolves Baseball vs Middle Tennessee Wolves)


In the first inning the Middle Tennessee Wolves produced a run from 3 hole batter Hayslip who had an oppo line drive over the shortstop to drive in a run. Wolves baseball produced their first run of the game in the second inning when #4 Seigle had a well placed ground ball to score #25 Mitchell who led off the inning with a triple to the right center wall. After the first inning the Middle Tennessee Wolves were limited to only 1 run the rest of the game in the 2nd inning Wolves Baseball brought in relief pitcher #2 Stahl who threw 6 innings while only giving up 1 run. The final score of the game was Wolves Baseball 3, Middle Tennessee Wolves 2.


Sunday game 3 (Fury vs Pro Concepts)


Pro Concepts scored a run in the first inning off of #38 Hubble’s backside single; however, they were limited to only one more run the rest of the game. Fury’s starting pitcher #22 “G-Wagon” threw 6 frames giving up only 1 earned run. Aslo for Pro Concepts the second baseman #00 had an rbi double in the 6th inning. Offensively for Fury, #33 Emery had a double, single, and 3 RBIs! #12 Ridge also had a double, single, and he had 2 RBIs to his name. The final score of the game was Fury 10, Pro Concepts 2.


Sunday game 4 (Fury vs Short Pump Bandits)


This short 4 inning game seemed to be decided in the bottom of the 4th inning as Fury scored 6 runs to pull away. In the inning #12 Ridge had a double to deep left center and a single.  #22 for Fury went 2-2 with a double, single, and 2 RBIs. Starting pitcher #7 Key threw a complete game no hitter as he pitched 5 frames. Waters from Fury had himself a 2 RBI single. The final score of the game was Fury 8, Short Pump Bandits 0.


Mudcats 18u vs. Wolves 17u


Wolves Baseball 17u was able to hold their lead throughout to top the Mudcats 18u with a final score of  10-3. The Wolves jumped out early in the top of the 1st scoring 7. They were able to extend their lead in the second going up 9-0. The Wolves pitcher #7 Issaac Dockery located the ball well and had great stuff that enabled him to hold the Mudcats in some key scoring moments. The Mudcats were able to put themselves on the board by scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 4th making the score 9-2. In the top of the 6th The Wolves scored again after a 3 inning drought to increase the lead to 10-2. Despite all the runs scored, #3 Gleason was able to put together a complete game putting up 4 scoreless innings. The catcher for Wolves Baseball #14 John Higdon looked great defensively from behind the plate.




Wolves Baseaball 16u vs. Tribe 16u


Tribe baseball rallied late to win over Wolves baseball 2-1. The game started as a pitcher’s duel between Wolves’ Brite and Tribe’s Simpson. Both pitchers showcased a quality arsenal of pitches that they commanded well throughout the zone. Brite got into a little trouble in the 4th, but got some key ground balls and a caught stealing to get out with no runs. Simpson ran into some similar problems in the bottom of the inning, but like Brite got some key outs to get out of it scoreless. Both pitchers continued their scoreless habits, forcing the game to go into the 8th with a score of 0-0. Tribe was able to finally get on the board in the top of the 8th thanks to a double from #21 McNabb. Tribe’s pitcher, Simpson was the run that scored. Thanks to some hits and a run scored, Brite was pulled in the 8th, taking his shutout. Tribe was able to muster up 2 runs in the 8th taking a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the inning. Simpson was able to finish his complete game but a costly mistake with 2 outs took away his shutout.




Wolves Baseball 15u vs. Nationals



Wolves baseball won over the Nationals with final of 5-2. The Nationals went on top early after scoring 1 in the bottom of the 1st. The Wolves pulled ahead in the top of the 3rd scoring 5 putting the score at 5-1. The Nationals were able to squeak in a run in the bottom of the 6th decreasing the lead to 5-2. #9 Travis threw some quality innings of relief for the wolves while #7 Hartsock threw well in relief for the Nationals. Travis was able to secure the game with a perfect inning in the bottom of the 7th.




Jeff Co. Patriots vs.  Bobcats Nova 14u


With a final of 10-2 the Patriots beat the Bobcats in 6 innings. Bobcats jumped on top early with a 2 run 1st. The patriots answered right back with 2 runs of their own, evening the score at 2-2. The Patriots gained the lead in the second by scoring 3 making the score 5-2. The Patriots extended the lead even further in the bottom of the 4th by scoring 5 making the score 10-2. The Patriots pitcher fought his way out of some jams to keep the score at 2, but his stuff got him out. Bobcats pitcher #9 Smith looked good on the mound showing off his high quality pitches.




Base Knox Royals vs. At the Yard


At the Yard finished the game with a 7-1 win of the home team Base Knox. Thanks to a rip down the line on the 1st pitch of the game from At the Yard leadoff #23 Berger, At the Yard started the game off right with a 1-0 lead. The Royals put a runner in scoring position but were held scoreless thanks to some good pitches from At the Yard starting pitcher #23 Berger. Leadoff hits were the key to success early for At the Yard as they got a leadoff standup triple from the SS #14 Wiles, sparking another 1 run inning in the 2nd. At the Yard was able to extend their lead even further to 5-0 in the 5th by taking advantage of some costly errors that scored runners and put them in scoring position. At the Yard mustered up another run in the 6th making it 6-0. At the Yard scored again in the 7th making it 7-0. Base Knox was finally able to put a run up in the 7th but not enough to make a comeback. #23 Berger threw an outstanding complete game for his team only allowing the 1 run scored in the 7th.







Virginia Sting vs. Tribe


Sting won in walk-off fashion over the Tribe with a final score of 8-7. Tribe took advantage of some walks and got 2 runs across the plate in the top of the 2nd to be the first on the board. Tribe second baseman #5 Carsen Simpson put together a great day at the plate. Simpson drove in another run for the Tribe in the top of the 3rd. The Sting scored for the first time in the bottom of the 3rd and started their comeback to decrease Tribes lead to 3-2. The Sting catcher #4 looked good at the plate for his team. He showed his ability to drive the ball on a line to all fields. Sting was able to hold off the Tribe in the top of the 5th, then came right back to score 2 runs again in the bottom of the 4th. This gave them the lead at a score of 4-2. In the top of the 6th Tribe was able to rally for 4 runs putting them back in the lead at 6-4. The pitcher #2 Brady Stump hit a bases loaded triple to score the first 3 of the runs. Sting made a huge comeback in the bottom of the 6th to score 6 and walk off the game.




Diamond Elite vs. KASA Baseball


Diamond Elite hit well to gather a 7-1 victory over KASA Baseball. Diamond broke out in the bottom of the 2nd inning scoring 5 runs making it 5-0. KASA was able to take a run away from the lead in the top of the 5th thanks to a sacrifice fly from #34 Matthew. Diamond turned right around and erased that run and then some to add to their lead. After the 5th the score was at 7-1. Diamond elite was able to close it out in the 7th with a perfect inning to get the win.




Common Wealth Baseball White Greys vs. RBI Sox


The Sox pulled out a victory over the Greys with a final of 11-1 . The Sox jumped out in the top of the 1st with a 3 run inning and did a great job of holding in the bottom of the inning. In the 2nd, they extended the lead even further in the second scoring 1 making the score 4-0. The Greys were able to get one run back in the bottom of the 3rd thanks to some key hits. However, the Sox struck big again in the top of the 4th putting them way ahead at a score of 8-1. Scoring again in the top of the 6th, the Sox’s lead was extended even further to 11-1.




Batte Field Falcons vs. Team Easton


Team Easton pulled out the win over the Falcons with final of 12-5. Easton was the first on the board, striking for 4 in the bottom of the 1st. They were able to grow the lead even bigger in the bottom of the 3rd, putting up 5 runs making the score 9-0. Despite Easton scoring two runs in the bottom of the 4th, #24 Daniel came in in a tight spot for the Falcons and thrived in the pressure. He threw 3 straight good pitches to get a 3 pitch strike out and out of the jam. #9 Landon also stood out for the Falcons by hitting the ball well. The Falcons made a huge comeback in the 5th by scoring 5, making the score 11-5. Team Easton’s first 2 pitchers both had good stuff that kept the Falcons off balance every at-bat. Easton’s bats were rolling from top to bottom as well. These two combined, of course, is what propelled the team to their win.




KASA Baseball vs. RBI Sox


RBI Sox beat KASA Baseball with a final score of 10-0 in 5 innings. The Sox were the first to score in the game, rallying to score a run with 2 outs in the bottom of the second. KASA was able to get a runner on base in the top of the 3rd but couldn’t get him around to score. However, the Sox did not have the same scoring problem. They put up 2 big crooked number innings, scoring 3 in the 3rd and 6 in the 4th. This is what put the score to a run rule margin at 10-0.




At the Yard vs. Diamond Elite


The game ended after 7 innings with a final of 8-1 with Diamond Elite on top over At the Yard. Both teams were able to put multiple runners in scoring position in the first inning, but only Diamond could capitalize on those runners, scoring 2 runs. After the 1st, both pitchers were able to shut down all production from the offense until the 4th inning by keeping hitters off balance and rushed at the plate. In the 4th, At the Yard was able to put a run up on the board thanks to a monster double from #99 Penny. The double would have scored 2 runs but the ball unfortunately bounced over the fence, stopping the runner on first at 3rd. Diamond was able to erase the comeback and more in the bottom of the 5th, putting up 6 runs.


Knoxville Stars 14u vs. RBI Sox


The Sox did themselves a huge favor and gave themselves a 4 run cushion in the top of the first inning. The Stars answered right back with 2 runs of their own, decreasing the deficit to 2. The Stars came out 3x as strong in the bottom of the 2nd, putting them ahead 8-4. After the first 2 innings, both teams fell silent until the 5th inning when the Sox were able to get them all back and more, bringing the score to 9-8. The whole team was hitting line drives to both fields scoring run after run. The sox were playing some impressive baseball in the top of the 5th. In the bottom however, the Stars were able to take advantage of a dropped pop-fly and put a run across to tie it at 9. The Stars scored 1 run again in the 6th to walk it off and finish with a final score of 10-9.




Diamond Elite vs. Jeff Co Patriots


Diamond Elite rallied for a big inning that carried them to a win over the patriots with a final of 8-2. Both Diamond and the Patriots scored a run in the 2nd after both being shut out in the 1st. Diamond Struck again for even more in the 3rd, scoring 5 on multiple 2 out extra base hits courtesy of # 11 Witcher and #3 Embree. The Patriots responded but not enough, only scoring 1 run in the bottom of the 3rd. Diamond was able to pull back ahead big after they scored in the 5th setting the score at 8-2.




Knoxville Stars vs. Diamond Elite  (Championship 14u)


The Stars pulled out a 3-2 win in the championship game against Diamond Elite. Daomond started the game as their usual self driving the ball all over the field. Unfortunately for them, some of the balls they hit were hit hard right at defenders so they were held at no runs. The Stars were the first to score as they squeaked in one run in the bottom of the 2nd. A sacrifice fly from #13 Breeden sparked another scoring inning for the Stars. However, Diamond got one back in the 4th, decreasing Stars’ lead to 2-1. The lead shrunk even further to nothing when Diamond scored again in the 5th, evening the game at 2-2. #21 Austin Bolding hit a double down the line in the bottom of the 6th to put the stars back in the lead at 3-2 entering the top of the 7th. #13 Nate Breeden did a good job of closing out the game



6-28-29 @ Indian Trail Middle School

Game 1- Launch OTK vs. Palmetto Express

Innings 1 through 7 were an absolute pitchers dual. With Adam Serwinowski leading the Express and Barber leading the way for the Launch. Both pitchers went 6 inning while only allowing a combined 3 hits. The pitching was excellent from both teams and both teams had a good defense backing them up. Adam Serwinowski pitched very well with good velocity on his fastball while being able to throw his off speed for strikes. Barber has okay velocity on his fastball but have very good movement and location on his off speed. Offensively there were no runs scored and only few hits. The Launch had many times to come away with runs early in the game but couldn’t get the timely hits needed and left a lot of runners on the bases. The Express had a couple mental errors and bunting issues early in the game to be able to score a run. After this excellent game of pitching, the score ends in a tie, 0-0.


Game 2- Common Wealth Baseball Green Express vs. Virginia Sting

In the bottom half of the 2nd inning, #4 (Gordon) walked on 7 pitches to score #34 (Wilson). The bases were left loaded after the Express sneak away with a run early. In the top of the 3rd, the Sting take the lead at 11-1. They scored 11 runs on 2 hits and 9 walks. #12 (Powell) started off the inning by walking with the bases loaded to score #13 (Shifflett). The next batter, #5 (Campbell) walked which scored #28 (Merica). The Express brings in a new pitcher to try to stop the runners from scoring but it didn’t work. #30 (Luck) walked which scored #12 (Powell) who had it around the bases on walks. #17 ( Sutton) walked on 5 pitches scoring #7 (Cloude). #13 (Shifflett) walked to score #5 (Campbell). #28 (Merica) grounds into a fielders choice, 2nd basemen gets force out at 2nd which scores a run but then another runner crosses the plate do to a throwing error. #3 (Stidham) singled over the 2nd baseman to score another run and the last run of the inning scores on a throwing error on the center fielder trying throw kid out at 3rd. After this half inning, the VA Sting lead Green Express 11-1.

In the bottom on the 3rd, #12 (Cornett) scores on a throwing error from the catcher who tried to back pick to 3rd. After this run scores for the Express, they still trail the Sting 11-2.

In the top of the 4th inning, #51 (E. Sutton) scores on overthrow from catcher. This extends their lead to 12-2.

Bottom 4, #34 (Wilson) hits a hard line drive over the 2nd baseman scoring #7 (Ashworth) who started off the inning with a walk. Ball game ends with the Sting coming out on top over the Green Express with the score of 12-3. This game was won in the 2nd inning when the Sting put up 11.


Game 3- TN Stars vs. Gwinett Thunder

This game the Thunder were in the lead over the TN Stars since the 2nd inning. In the 2nd inning, the Thunder took a 2-0 lead from 1 hit, 1 error, and 2 walked batters. The next half inning, they gave up no runs and no hits and was saved by a great doubled play from #1 (Holsworth) and #2 (Bissell). Their next at bat, the Thunder came out swinging, scoring another 2 runs off back to back doubles and a single. The single was hit by #5 (Bolen) and the doubles were hit by #7 (Warner) and #28 (Colavecchio). After 3 innings of play, the Thunder’s lead was extended to 4-0. The thunder tact on another 4 runs in the 4th inning. #19 (Hursey) scores off of a balk from the pitcher, then #1 (Holsworth) hits a screaming line drive into the 5-6 hole to score #8 (Chow). The other 2 runs were scored off of a bloop single from #28 (Colavecchio). The Thunder extend their lead to 8-0 heading into the bottom of the 4th. Both teams went out in the 5th inning and shut each other down to end the game. The final score to the game was 8-0 with Gwinett Thunder over the TN Stars.

Game 4- Launch OTK 16u vs. Common Wealth Baseball Blue Express 16u-

After a solid first inning for Express, they lead the ball game at 2-0. #00 (Abner) doubled off the center field wall to score # 22 (Guadalis). After the big double, #5 (Bowman) singled to right field just over the 1st baseman’s head to score #00 (Abner). In the bottom of the 3 #9 (Wrinkler) hit a no-doubt solo shot to center field to extend his teams like to 3-0. After the 3rd inning, the Express add on to their lead to make it 7-0. They added 4 runs on 1 homerun from #9 (Wrinkler), 6 walks, and 1 other hit by #00 (Abner). #33 (Brown) scores on a throwing error by the catcher for Launch.

After a very dominate performance by #13 (Stone) the starting pitcher, the Blue express walk away with a win. Stone (Express) throw the entire game which ended after 5 innings due to time limit. He had a total of 11 k’s on the day and gave up very few hits. He had a plus fastball with plus off speed. He is a very legitimate pitcher and shows a bright future. Stone had a good offense behind him. They scored 8 runs today due to the amount of base runners, hits, and walks they had on the offense. The Common Wealth Baseball Blue Express win this game with a score of 8-0.


Saturday 6-29-19

Game 1- Launch OTK 16u vs. Hustle Baseball 16u

This game was forfeited do to Hustle Baseball not having enough kids. The game lasted an hour and fifteen minutes and the score was 7-0.


Game 2- JC Braves 15u vs. TN Longhorns Baseball 15u

After 3 full innings, the game was tied at 1-1. JC Braves score by an over throw from the catcher trying to throughout runner at 3rd. Longhorns scored on a throwing error from the shortstop. #20 was thrown out at home trying to add to their lead. In the top of the 4th inning is where the Longhorns really extended their lead. After hitting four singles, 2 walks, and 2 errors they add 10 runs. The keys hits were from #4 (Taylor) who had 4 rbis in the inning. #8 (Joki) and #6 (Montoya). The Braves answer right back with 2 runs making it an 11-3 ball game. #23. (Greene) hits a sacrifice fly to right field to score #14 (Zuehlke). Then after that run scores #76 (Aldrich) grounds out to the 1st baseman which #6 (Kent) scores from 3rd base. In the 6th inning, the Longhorns add another run after #40 (King) singles up the middle scoring the base runner from 3rd base.

After a very good day for the Longhorns, they walk away with the W. Both sides of the ball were played well. Both of the Longhorn pitchers pitch very well and didn’t give up many hits and or runs. Offensively, they swung the bats very well and constantly had base runners on. They game ends after the 6th inning because the Longhorns run-ruled the JC Braves at a score of 12-4.


Game 3- RBI Sox 14u vs. Bobcats Nova 14u

Early in the game, the RBI Sox take a 2-0 off of 1 hit, 3 walks, and 1 error. #42 (Briggs) singled to right center field which scores #18 (Jones) from 3rd base. The 2nd run scored on a fielder’s choice by the shortstop. Then the next inning they went up to bat, they added 2 more runs via two passed balls. The runners that scored were #4 (Torraca) and #10 (Lawson).

In the top of the 4th inning, the Bobcats reduce the lead to only 1 run. #22 (Wallace) scores when #10 (Schaible gets walked. Then 2 more runners cross the plate on a throwing error by the 3rd baseman. The score is 4-3 with the Sox still ahead.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, the Sox add 3 runs to their lead on 3 hits, 2 walks, and 1 error. The hits came from #54 (Ramsey) who singled down the left field line which scored #10 (Lawson). The 2nd hit was from #19 (Scott) who singled in between the 5-6 hole which brought home #42 (Briggs). Then the last hit was by #5 (Justice) who singled over the 2nd baseman’s head scoring the last run.

The RBI Sox come out winning the game. This was a well-played game by both teams but the Sox came out swinging and had good pitching all game. The final score to the game was 7-3.


Game 4- Base Knox 14u vs. Common Wealth Express Green Cox 14u

In the 1st inning, the Express take an early lead of 3-0. They scored 3 runs on 3 hits, 2 walks, and 1 error. The runs were scored by #24 (Smith) grounding the ball to 3rd but reaching safely due to a throwing error on 3rd baseman. Then #2 (Morrrison) hit a deep sacrifice fly to the right fielder, and the last run was scored by #27 (Back) after he singled to left field. In the bottom half of the inning, Base Knox scored 2 runs off of 1 hit and 2 walks. #11 (Bryson) hit an infield single. The next run scored on a 5-3 ground out.

In the 2nd inning, the Express add 4 more runs to their score. #1 (Roberts) singled to left field scoring a run. Then #16 (Moore) singled to the 2nd baseman which brought home another run. With a runner on 3rd, #24 (Smith) hit a sacrifice fly to the right fielder bring across another run. After the bases were loaded #42 (Barnes) walked to bring in the fourth run of the inning. The Express is leading the game 8-2. Then they stopped Base Knox from scoring in the bottom half.

Then in the top of the 3rd, #2 (Morrison) singled down the right field line scoring 2 runners. The 3rd runner scores on a throwing error on the catcher when he tried to throw the runner out at 3rd.  The Express extended their led to 11-2 in the 3rd inning. In the bottom half of the 3rd, Base Knox scored off of 2 hits. The first hit was a singled by #18 (Nick then followed by a double from #21 (Tyler).

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Base Knox score 2 more runs. #18 (Nick) singles down the right field line scoring 2 runners and making the game closer. The score after 5 is 11-5 with Xpress still out in front.

In the top of the 6th, Xpress scored 2 runs off of 3 walks and 1 hit. #1 (Roberts) doubled to right center field scoring #45 (Cima) and #5 (Moore). Xpress extends their lead to 13-5.

The game ends with the Xpress coming out on top. The final score after 6 inning was 13-5.


Game 5- Common Wealth Baseball Blue Xpress 15u vs Wolves Baseball 15u

The Xpress come out early and put up a run in the bottom half of the 1st inning. #29 (Potts) gets on base via walk then steals 2nd then was able to score on #15’s (Evans) single to right center. At the end of the 1st inning the Xpress lead 1-0.

In the top of the 2nd  for the Wolves, #24 (Ryan) singled to right field scoring #3 (Seth) who was at 3rd base. The Wolves failed to get another run across after being in a threatening position.

In the bottom of the 3rd,  the Xpress score 8 runs off of 4 walks, 5 hits, and 2 errors. The hits were from #5 (Lewis) who singled up the middle and scoring a run. The 2nd hit was a sacrifice fly from #29 (Potts). Then #15 hit an rbi single to right field. #31 (VanDyke) followed that rbi single up with one of his own. #14 (Ryan) grounds out to the shortstop but the 1st baseman pulls his foot and the runner is safe which scores a run. An rbi double from #10 (Castleberry) scores another run. Then the last hit was by #13 (Henderson) who hit a 2 rbi single to right field. The Xpress take a commanding 9-1 lead.

In the 4th, #15 (Evans) hit a sacrifice fly to the center fielder scoring #5 (Lewis). The next at bat, #31 (VanDyke) hit an rbi single up the middle scoring #29 (Potts). Then #17 (Enerlich) hit another rbi single up the middle. #10 (Castleberry) singles up the middle to score and win the game. The Xpress score 4 runs in the bottom of the 4th to run rule the Wolves. The final score to the ball game was 13-1 Xpress.


Sunday 6-30-19

Game 1- NRV Tigers vs. Legacy Baseball- Abel

In the 1st inning, both offenses came out swing and being super aggressive on the bases. The NRV Tigers led off the game batting first. They had 3 hits and 2 walks to score 5. That lead did not last once Legacy got up. With 3+ hits in the inning and a couple walks, they put up 6 runs in the bottom half of the inning. The score is now 6-5 with Legacy winning.

In the top of the 3rd inning, the Tigers tie the game at 6-6. The run was scored via passed ball. The ball got away from the catcher and #8 (Johnson) scored with ease. Tie ball game heading into the rest of the game.

In the top of the 4th, the Tigers came out swinging. The Tigers score 3 runs on 2 hits, 2 walks, and an error. #6 (Parmelee) had the first hit which was a double to deep center scoring #34 (Kanipe). Then the next batter, #30 (Dotson) doubled down the 3rd baseline scoring #6 (Parmelee). Then #30 (Dotson) scored after he stole 3rd then made it home safely due to an overthrow from the catcher. In the bottom of the inning, Legacy Baseball earned back another run. #17 (Jason) grounded into an rbi doubled play. The Tigers still have the lead heading into the fourth inning, 9-7.

The game ends after 5 innings due to time limit. The Tigers get the win after a very offensive heavy game. Both teams swung it well and were good on the bases. The final score to the game was 9-7 NRV Tigers.


Game 2- Showcase Elite vs. BC Athletics- Sweet

The Athletics started the game hitting and plated 1 runner. #15 (Maxey) grounds the ball to the shortstop but the shortstop overthrows 1st base allowing #21 (Evon) to score from 2nd base. Showcase Elite answers right back in the bottom half by adding a run of their own. #11 (Dereck) grounds out to the 2nd baseman which scores #13 (Austin) who was at 3rd base.

In the bottom of the 2nd, Showcase Elite took the lead with a single from #16 (Huntzinger) and the runner that scored was #7 (Grady). They lead the Athletics heading into the 3rd.

The Athletics had a big offensive inning. They scored 3 runs off of 3 hits and 2 walks. #15 (Maxey) doubled to right center scoring #28 (Barnes). Then #2 (Wilhite) hit a sacrifice fly to deep center field allowing #21 (Evon) to score with ease. Then a 2 rbi single from #10 (Jones) increases their lead to 4. The last hit was by #34 (Douglas) who doubled to center field, scoring #22 (Nelms) for their 5th run of the inning.

In the top half of the 5th inning, the BC Athletics extend their lead to 7-2. #15 (Maxey) stole home on the catchers return throw to the pitcher. He timed the throw perfectly and made it home sliding just in time. In the bottom half of the innings, Showcase Elite score a run, reducing the lead to only 4 now. #16 (Huntzinger) singled to right field scoring #7 (Gibbs). The score going into the next inning is 7-3.

The game ends after 7 innings of play. The Athletics come out on top because of their offensive performance. They were swinging well since the 1st inning and didn’t stop. They win this ball game with a final score of 7-3 BC Athletics.


Game 3- Launch OTK vs. Showcase 17u-Baughman

Showcase 17u came up swing at their 1st plate appearances of the game. They put up a quick 2 runs. #1 (K. Christaman) grounded out to the 1st baseman for an unassisted force out but #6 (Callahan) scored. The 2nd run was scored via an rbi single to left field scoring #7 (J. Boughman). In the bottom half, Launch OTK answered back with 3 runs. #26 (Cash) doubled to the left center alley which plates 2 runs, #14 (Walker) and #22 (Powell). Then #12 (Arms) singled to left field scoring #26 (Cash). The score is 3-2 Launch OTK winning.

In the top of the 3rd, #7 (J. Boughman) hit a solo home run to straight away center. He gives Showcase 17u the lead at 4-4. In the bottom half, Launch added 3 more runs to their score. #5 (Rhom) hit an rbi double to right field, #12 (Arms) scores. Then #31 (L. Drzemecker) grounds the ball to the shortstop but a throwing error on the shortstop allows 2 more runners to score. The Launch regain the lead at 6-4.

In the top of the 7th, #2 (J. Christamn) scores on a overthrow from the catcher trying to throw him out at 3rd base. #7 (J. Boughman) singles to left center, scoring 2 more runners. After a clutch half inning, Showcase 17u took the lead again. Showcase has the lead at 7-6 heading into the bottom of 7. Showcase comes back to win it in the top of the 7th. The final score was 7-6 Showcase 17u over Launch OTK.


Tigers vs Prospects

For the first game of the day, the Tigers play the Prospects. The Prospects got off to an early lead by

scoring 4 in the first inning. The Tigers never could catch up only scoring 2 runs the whole game. The

Prospects finished the game by scoring 9 runs in the 3rd inning. The Prospects won 14-2.

Stars vs Fury

The Stars and the Fury went head to head. With a lightning delay setting the game back 30 more

minutes, both teams were finally ready to get after it. The Fury’s bats showed up and they scored at

least one run in every inning. The Stars scored 3 runs in the 3rd inning to cut the lead to 4-3 but never

could catch back up. Fury won 8-3.

Xpress vs Longhorns

Xpress and the longhorns played today. The Xpress started off the game by scoring 5 runs in the 1st

inning. Longhorns only scored 2 runs the whole game while Xpress continued to score more and more.

Xpress won 11-2.

Sox vs Easton

It was a close game between the Sox and Team Easton. It was back and forth the whole game. The Sox

gained the lead in the third when they scored 3 runs to help them lead 4-1. Team Easton made it an

interesting lead in the bottom of the last inning when they scored 2 runs to cut the Sox’s lead to only

one. They never scored another run though and the Sox won 4-3.

Base Knox vs White Greys

Base Knox and White Greys played the last game of the night. Base Knox took the lead in the 3rd when

they scored 3 runs to take the lead 3-1. White Greys never scored again because of the dominate

pitching of Base Knox. Base Knox 7 runs in the 5


th, 6th, and 7th innings combined. Base Knox won 11-1.


Green Cox vs KASA

It was a close game between KASA and Green Cox. Both starting pitchers performed well and both

teams scored runners on third. KASA ended up on top though when they scored 3 runs in the 5th inning

to put them up by 2. KASA wins 5-3.

Grays White vs Bash

It wasn’t the closest game between Grays White and Bash. Grays White gave up a lot of free bases from

errors and walks. The Bash took advantage of it and put up a lot of runs. The Bash won 11-3.

Grays White vs Invaders

It was a great game for the Invaders against Grays White. Invaders led off the game by scoring 10 runs in

the first inning. Grays White came back to score their only run in the second. Then the Invaders scored 3

in the 3rd inning to eventually end the game in a slaughter in the fourth. Invaders won 13-1.

Patriots vs Falcons


It was a close game in the beginning between the Patriots and the Falcons. It was 2-0, Patriots, going

into the 5th inning. Then the Patriot’s bats came alive and they put up 4 runs in the 5th and then 2 more

in the sixth. The Patriot’s pitching done a great job of keeping runners off the bases and the defense

played great behind them. Patriots won 8-0.

Bash vs OTK

The best game all day was between the Bash and OTK. OTK had a healthy lead the whole game of 3-0.

But in the bottom of the 7th, Bash made it interesting by scoring 2 runs and had the bases loaded with 2

outs but couldn’t get the tying run in. OTK won 3-2.

Titans vs Bobcats

It was another close game between the Titans and Bobcats. Titans scored 3 runs in the fourth inning to

take the lead to 5-1. The Bobcats battled back though in the 6th and 7th innings by scoring a combined 3

runs to cut the Titan lead to 1. They couldn’t find a way to get that tying run in though and the Titans

won 5-4.

Xpress vs Thunder

It was a close game in the beginning between Xpress and Thunder. It was 5-2, Xpress, going into the 5th

inning but Xpress ran away with it by scoring 8 runs in the 5


  1. Thunder never seemed to get anything

going offensively in the later half of the game. Thunder won the first round of bracket play 13-2.

Crusaders vs Tribe

Another close game today between Crusaders and Tribe. Crusaders started off the game by scoring 3

runs in the first inning. Then in the 5th


, Tribe hits a 3 run home run to cut the Crusader’s lead to 1. The


Tribe couldn’t find a way to tie it up though. Crusaders won 6-5.

Crusaders vs Prospects

It was a close game between Crusaders and Prospects. This game provided for an outstanding pitching

performance created by both teams. The first run was acquired by the Crusaders in the bottom of the 4th

inning, when the batter executed a perfect suicide bunt with a runner on third, scoring the runner. The

final run was gained when the Prospects pitcher balked with a runner on third, giving the Crusaders their

second run and securing the win 2-0.


16u Morristown Senators vs Legacy Baseball – Abel

Despite starting out to an early 4-0 lead, the Legacy were unable to hold on in their 12-6 loss to the Morristown Senators. The Legacy were able to drive in four with two walks followed by a single by Nate and another by Nacho to bring in two. Another two were scored on errors. After this, David Stinnett would settle fairly well. Stinnett worked hard, despite a barrage of errors from his defense, giving up three more runs, only one of which was earned. The Legacy were also plagued with errors. Both Nate and Ethan threw for the Legacy, giving up few earned runs between a multitude of defensive miscues for the Legacy. However, the catcher, Mark stood out, throwing out two Senator runners flashing a strong arm and quickness. Offensively, the Senators were not in control until late in the game, scoring three in third and nine in the fifth for a come from behind win. Bryce Click, Jacob King, and Ian Dortch lead the offense for the Senators, each with at least one double and multiple RBIs in their 12-6 win over Legacy Baseball.
17u/18u- At The Yard vs Carolina Prowl

Carolina Prowl and At The Yard baseball both had strong showings from their starting pitchers, each going at least six. Steven Jimenez sat 78-80 and mix his off speed well for the Yard. He went seven innings strong giving up one earned run. Walt Waddell threw just as exceptionally for the Prowl, going six innings giving up one earned as well. Wadell sat 76-79 and used his slider well ahead in the count producing lots of swing and miss at bats. Offensively both teams were stagnant for the most part. Gavin Pearson, who played an athletic shortstop and flashed a strong arm for the Yard, had an RBI triple for one of the two runs the Yard scored. Ben Rollins stood out for the Prowl showcasing high level speed and an ability to consistently bunt for a hit. Defensively, Ryan Hall stood out for the Prowl, playing a scrappy second base that looks to compete. Neither team would be able to produce enough runs to come out on top as the Carolina Prowl and At The Yard baseball tied 2-2.


17u/18u – Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress vs Showcase 17u – Baughman

Showcase 17u and Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress had an offensive shootout, but the Xpress came out on top 8-7. Noah Helton and Eli Tenzca lead the offensive for the Xpress, each taking a ball out to left field and driving in RBI singles. Tenzca would have the game winning RBI in the bottom of the 5th on a laced ball to right field. Showcase scored one in the top of the 3rd and six in the top of the 5th. The rally in the 5th was capped off by a go ahead RBI single by B. Haren. Haren batted well with a multi- day and impressed at shortstop as well. Ben Callahan and Will Dando both impressed on the mound despite the high scoring game, each worked a firm 81-83 with strong, sharp breaking pitches.


16u- Commonwealth Baseball Xpress Blue vs Pro Hitting Baseball

In their 5-1 win over the Commonwealth Baseball Xpress Blue, the Pro Hitting Prospects started out hot. They scored three in the first and one in the second. One more was scored in the top of the 4th. The Prospects offense was led by Edington who drove in an RBI triple in the first and later scored on a pass ball, and Andrew Kribbs who drove a hard RBI single in the 4th. Glasscock came in to pitch in the second and gave up only two runs in four innings of work. He also would drive in the only run for the Xpress with a sacrifice fly in the second. For the Prospects, Joe Tipton threw a complete seven innings, working ahead and forcing weak contact throughout the game. Tipton gave up just one earned run in the Prospect win.



The BC Athletics started on a hot note thanks to two hole and pitcher, Logan Sutton’s RBI double to left center. Sutton finished the game with two doubles and a walk. Sutton was not the only bat in the Athletics line that showed out, however, as Luke Ferguson and Avery Crabtree would also drive extra base hits for the Athletics. Mason Speanborough also impressed flashing plus speed on two infield singles and wreaking havoc on the base paths. For the Falcons offense, Jonas Lake and Alex Odle impressed with multiple hard hit balls, Jonas Lake a lead-off single that led to a rally and Alex Odle with an RBI double to cap off the 4th inning two run rally. The game would end in a 5-5 tie, despite the efforts of both teams, largely due to several defensive miscues from the Athletics defense.


Crosshit Black 16u vs Fury 16u

In Crosshit Black 16u’s win over the Fury 16u, pitcher Jorden Zuger went four innings scoreless and gave up just one earned run in 4 and 2/3 innings of work. Zuger worked ahead with an over-the top arm slot and heavy fastball. His off speed when thrown well, was 12-6 with good break, but it ended up in the dirt a lot. Stover Evans allowed four runs through six innings of work with good arm side run and a decent breaking pitch. Offensively, Crosshit was led by Blankenship, Blasucci, and Hemingway, who each either had an RBI single or a single and a run scored. The Fury’s offense showed out in rally form in the bottom of the 5th with Braden Casner, Gage Kelly, and Chase McBryer stringing together singles for a three run inning. Despite their rally, it wouldn’t be enough for the Fury, and Crosshit Black 16u held on for a 4-3 victory.



NRV Tigers vs Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress 16u

In Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress 16u’s game against the NRV Tigers, the Xpress maintained control, dominating all aspects of the game. The Xpress racked up double digit hits led by Landon Brown (3 RBI, two singles) and Eli Glasscock (4 RBI, a single and a triple). Defensively, Josh Guilfoil was dominant on the mound allowing no earned runs in four innings of work. The only mistake the Xpress made on defense resulted in one run on an error in the bottom of the 4th. The NRV Tigers struggled in many aspects of the game, however a few Tigers did stand out. Jacob Weaver was exceptional behind the plate, throwing out two runners in three attempts and flashing a strong arm and quick pop time. Caleb Perfater impressed with some hard hit balls, but it would not be enough in the 15-1 Xpress win.


17u/18u Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress vs Hustle Baseball

The Xpress Started off hot in their game against the Hustle Baseball with a four run first inning. Peyton Back lead off with a single, then with bases loaded a walk, a two RBI single from Eli Tencza and an RBI single from Devin Hukill lead to four of the five runs that the Xpress scored. The Hustle would answer back with one after Bryce and Robinson hit back to back singles leading to two runs on a throwing error. In the second, Hustle pitcher Cole Plemmons settled well, giving up only one more run on singles from Tencza and Hukill in the fourth. Griffin Hall came in in the second for the Xpress and worked out of a tough jam. He would continue scoreless through the 5th. In the bottom of the 5th , however, the Hustle would make a comeback down 5-3 thanks to a lead-off double by Bryce, a single by Robinson, and the game tying RBI single by Beach. Bryce Russell entered the game and closed it out for the Xpress, resulting in a 5-5 tie.

Mudcats 18u vs Showcase 17u

The Mudcats and Showcase both started out with two run innings. Mudcats started with a lead-off single by Hagen Cash. Hagen was eventually scored by a Ben Edwards sacrifice fly. Brody Cardin also worked an RBI in the two run first for the Mudcats. In the bottom of the 1st, B. Callahan drove an RBI double followed by an RBI by K. Christmom. Showcase scored more in the bottom of the 2nd via a triple from Welsh and a sacrifice fly from Ryan Caldwell. Showcase broke the game open in the bottom of the third with a seven run inning with RBIs from Callahan and Christmom taking advantage of numerous Mudcat errors. The mudcats would fight back however, with two in the fourth and two in the seventh. Hagan Cash finished with two singles and Andrew Miller impressed with a big RBI double, but it was not enough in the Showcase 10-6 win over the Mudcats.

Knox New Balance vs NRV Tigers

The NRV Tigers were in control for the majority of the game against the Knox New Balance. New Balance’s Carl Beach threw 6 1/3 innings giving up three, and but after the sixth the New Balance were down 5-2. However, in the bottom of the bottom of the sixth, Nick Mackle hit an RBI single reducing the Tiger lead to two runs. Chris Arbuthnot hit an RBI double to in the seventh and later scored tying the game at five a piece. Dunford was then able to end the game resulting in a tie. Arbuthnot and Mackle were the main sources of offense in the game, each having a pair of hits, Mackle two singles and Arbuthnot two doubles. For the Tigers, the offense came from a two RBI triple from Shawn Campbell in the 6th and an RBI triple from Campbell in the 2nd. Defensively, both teams allowed at least one run on errors.



Gwinnett Thunder vs Crosshit Black

The Gwinnet Thunder and Crosshit Black both struggled to produce very many runs mostly due to strong pitching performances from both teams starting pitchers. Brewington and Hursey both went at least   innings. Both pitchers consistently produced weak contact and swing and misses while maintaining good energy on the mound. Brewington gave up 1 run in his 8 innings of work showing strong composure on the mound and working his way out of multiple jams. Hursey gave up 0 runs in 6 innings of work, working ahead of batters for the entirety of his 6 innings and walking few batters. Both pitchers were extremely dominant in their performances. Offensively, the Thunder’s Chow and Warver impressed. Chow with above average speed and an RBI single in the 4th scoring Warver following his lead-off double. Traylor, from Crosshit Black, answered with an RBI single of his own in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game at one a piece.  Defensively, Crosshit Black’s Pfaffman and Taylor both impressed, making athletic diving plays to prevent the game winning run from crossing the plate. The strong pitching performances would end in a tie after Nunez shut out the Crosshit Black in the 8th, 1-1.

Crosshit Black vs Morristown Senators

Seth Hemmingway threw five innings giving up two runs in the Crosshit Black’s 12-2 win over the Morristown Senators. The Senators defense and pitching was plagued with walks, errors, and mistakes throughout the game, and Crosshit took advantage. Garner and Traylor headed the brigade for Crosshit, each driving in at least two RBI’s. Garner had a double and a single and Traylor had a single and a triple. For the Senators, Beau King drove an RBI double for one of the few offense highlights in the Senator’s loss. Cortez also showed signs of potential: when in the zone he was fairly dominant, but for most of the game he failed to work ahead and gave up too many walks.

Commonwealth Baseball Black Greys vs Virginia Sting

The Virginia Sting started on a strong note in their game against the Commonwealth Baseball Greys Black with a scoreless 1st inning from Mason Luck. Both the Sting and the Greys threatened in the first inning, but Luck and Grey’s Hunter Heath went scoreless in the first. Sting struck in second via a three RBI triple by H. Shifflett, an RBI double from D. Powell, and another RBI from A. Merica for a five run inning. In the top of the third, Trenton Taylor answered for the Greys with a double and was later scored by Jackson Green. The Sting produced three more in the third after back to back singles from Bradley and Painter giving the Sting an 8-1 lead. Mason Luck came back out for the fourth but was replaced after three runs of a six run inning for the Greys that included a two RBI double from Heath, an RBI single from Hall, and a two RBI single from Kelly. The Greys tied it up in the top of the 5th with an RBI single from McCord. In the bottom of the 5th, with time running out, the Greys loaded the bases on walks, and C. Mauer takes an HBP to end the game. 9-8 Virginia Sting win.

Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress vs Virginia Sting

Commonwealth Baseball Blue Xpress and Virginia Sting both had exceptional starts from their starting pitchers. Aaron Abner (Commonwealth) and T. Baker (Virginia Sting) both went scoreless in their first two. Baker would then give up one in the third, one in the 5th and 2 in the 7th. Despite giving up four in his 7 innings of work, the left impressed. He had great arm side life on his fastball, and a nice back door slider to accompany, while also showing the capability to consistently mix arm slots. Abner was also impress going a scoreless 6 and 1/3 innings. Abner produced weak contact from the left side and showed lots of potential to develop into a college level arm with a firm fastball and solid off speed pitches. Offensively, the Xpress runs were generated by numerous players, but stand outs were Will Vernon, who showcased above average speed and an ability to hit for average with a bunt single and an RBI single, Clay Matthews who drove a double in the top of the 3rd, and Tuttle, who had an RBI single and consistently found barrels with hard line outs. For the Sting, Andy Merica and A. Bradley showcased compact swings and quick hands with a pair of singles.



06/28 Xpress 18u V. Fury 18u  The fury strike first on a bases juiced walk in the top of the first. Jeffery madden of the Xpress strikes out four in the first two innings, keeping his team in the game into the third inning. In the top of the third the Express use some small ball, bunting in a run to make it 1-1 Later in the inning leadoff man Griffin Hall hits a triple plating a run giving them a 2-1 lead. The Express bust it open in the fourth on a RBI double from Cameron Kosid. The express take this one 4-1.


BC Sweet V. Virginia Sting BC Sweet jumps out to a 2-0 lead in the first on a two RBI double. The Sting answer back in the top of the second on a few walks and a bunt. The Sting tie it up in the fourth on a sac fly. Later in the inning they keep the rally going taking a 3-2 lead on an RBI double. The Sting really opened it up in the fifth jump out to a 7-2 lead. The Sting take this one 8-3.


Gwinnett Thunder V. Legacy  The Gwinnett Thunder jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first on back to back RBI singles. They continue their onslaught in the second extending their lead to 4. Bolen throws a gem for the Thunder as he goes 5 scoreless. The Thunder run rule this one 12-0.


Grays V. Show The Greys jump out to an early lead in the first on RBI singles from Wheatherley and Green. They get a good pitching outing from Bacham, throwing three scoreless. A good day from the leadoff hitter Trenton Taylor, he went 3-3 on the day. The show strike back in the third making the score 2-1. The show battle back in the fourth on Some timely hitting from Desantis, taking a 3-2 lead.  The Gray’s add one in the fourth to Re Tie the game 3-3. Going into the bottom of the seventh we have a tie ball game. They end it tied 4-4.


RBI V. Wolves Rbi jumps out to a 1-0 lead on a leadoff triple from Messingil. The Rbi add another in the second on a past ball, making the score 2-0, going into the third. The wolves add a run on a past ball to make it 2-1. RBI jumps out to a 4-1 lead in the fourth. Their starter pitches well into the 5th, allowing one run only. The RBI win this one 6-1.


Palmetto V Nationals  The nationals jump out to a 2-0 lead in the first on a few early walks and timely hitting. The express answer back in the bottom of the third. Timely hitting leads the Nats to a 6-1 victory.


Sat 06/29 TBM V. Showcase  In the first game of the day we had ourselves a pair of dueling aces at ETSU. both pitchers pitch well into the third allowing no runs. Finally Showcase scores in the bottom of the fourth on an RBI single from Zane Saunders. This run opened the flood gates for the Showcase as they rattle off three straight hits and lead 4-0 after the top of the fifth. The TBM Bats woke up in the 5th pushing across a run on a Zach Lockheart single. Showcase takes this one 4-1





Senators V. NRV  This game started out all Tigers, NRV drops a 5 spot in the first inning on a few walks and some timely hitting. Shawn Cambell gets two hits in the first inning alone. They add another in the second on a Leighton Dunford double. Pitching then takes over as nobody scored until the seventh inning. NRV takes this one 7-0.


Middle TN Wolves V. Kentucky Wolves. Middle TN strikes first scoring two on a RBI double from Noah Tidwell. However in the top of the second the Kentucky Wolves answer back with a two spot of their own. Then after some back and forth scoring the Kentucky wolves tie it up in the top of the seventh on a rbi double from Easton Ray. The game ends tied.


Hustle V. Longhorns Both pitchers start off hot on the first inning, The Longhorns pitcher strikes out one and the Hustle pitcher strikes out 2, neither gave up a run. The Longhorns strike in the second however on a walk and a triple. Reese Pullman Hits a ground rule double to extend Hustles lead 4-1. The hustle win this one 7-1.


Mudcats v. Yard.  The yard own this game as they jump out to a 5-1 lead in the first inning. Their pitcher throws a gem as he goes 5 innings only allowing one run. The lone highlight of the day was Jerron Henry for the Mudcats, driving in their runs on a RBI double. The Yard dominates this one 10-2


. Bandits v Prospects  The prospects pitcher deals through the first inning, he then got some offense behind him as back to back doubles drive in a run in the bottom of the first. Prospects lead 1-0 after 1. It was not until the fourth when the Bandits bats came alive plating two on an Rbi single from number 2. Prospects win this one 7-2.


06/29 Longhorns V. Hustle The Longhorns strike in the top of the first to give them a 2-0 lead. Number 11 hits an RBI single and they score their other run on a past ball. In the second they jump out to a 4-0 lead. However the Hustle bats come alive in the fourth and tie it going into the fifth. The Hustle keeps it going in the fifth extending their lead to 8-4 on a few walks and some timely hitting. A late comeback leads the Hustle to a game one win 8-7.


Express V. Chapman Pitching is the early story of this game. Both pitchers threw shutouts until the Chapman Prowlers Strike in the second on a RBI double from number 12.  The Express answer back in the fourth dropping a six spot. They continue to poor it on in the sixth extending their lead 10 10-2. The Express pitcher throws a complete game and they win it 10-2.


Fury v Hustle The fury owned this one from the beginning jumping out to a quick start on a double by Beech that scores two. Boyles adds two more in the fourth on a RBI single. Pitching was good all game and a few gems at short from Boyles lead the Knoxville fury to a win here at ETSU to move them into the championship. At the Yard V. Prospects.


This game was a slugfest from the beginning. The yard scored 2 in the first inning and the express opened the game with a three spot. Both teams put up big hit and run totals this game but eventually the Express come out on top 9-8. Express V. Knox New Balance This game was a pitchers duel from the very start, Beech of the Knox New balance threw 5 complete innings giving up no runs. The lone run of the game came off the bat of Hoyers, a Bryan Baseball commit. The express threaten in the top of the seventh but can not push across a run, Knox New Balance wins the championship 1-0




Game One:


The early morning game moved pretty fast thanks to good pitching and defense, Launch City was able to strike first and fast in this one; scoring in the top half of the first. The heart of the order blasted for three hits in the top half before Heath could get settled in on the mound. Rhyne started off the rally with an infield single and then moved to third on a doubled smacked into left center by Kirkpatrick. Allen quickly followed with a single of his own driving in Rhyne and giving Launch City a 1 run lead. The damage done in the first by Launch City would not last for long as Commonwealth Baseball broke for 4 in the bottom half of the third behind some singles, defensive mistakes, and one big knock by Taylor. Heath singled up the middle and then took second on a wild pickoff throw. Taylor came up with two away in the inning and took Rhoney deep to center scoring 2 for Commonwealth and giving them the lead. Commonwealth had not had enough to say yet as Wheatley would turn around and single with two outs, then steal second. Green was next to the dish and would hit a ball deep in the six hole which he would beat out; scoring Wheatley and then advancing to second on the throw from the shortstop. Errors kept coming as Kelly stepped to the plate with two down and reached on a fielding error on the shortstop allowing Green to cross the plate giving Commonwealth the lead 4-1. Commonwealth would add on to their lead in the fourth thanks to Heath and his RBI single that plated Anderson who took one in the ribs to reach first earlier in the inning. In the 5th it would be all Commonwealth again. Again, just pushing across one. Scoring for Commonwealth was Green would walked, stole second, and when trying to steal third the catcher for Launch City put the ball into left field allowing Green to come around and score. Extending the lead for Commonwealth to five (6-1). Commonwealth would continue the trend and tack on 3 more in the bottom of the 6th to implement the run rule. Hall hit a big double scoring both Carroll and Heath. Hall would come around to score on a single by Taylor which would shut the door on this one. Commonwealth win 9-1.




















Game Two:


Launch City would waste no time putting the first mark on the board; scoring in the top half of the first. Josh L walked to get the inning started, then stole second, and was able to advance to third on a passed ball by the JC Braves catcher. Evan J came to the plate with one away in the inning and gave Launch City the lead with a sac fly to right scoring Josh L. Two more would be added to the lead for Launch City off of an RBI single by Austin W and some defensive mistakes in the field by the Braves that allowed Ben to score while Austin W got caught in a run down. As a result, Launch City extended their lead to 3. (3-0). Launch City taking advantage of sloppy play by the Braves as Launch City scores 2 more off of hit. This single by Michael B. He, and Gavin H would come around to score; making the score 5-0. The top half of the fourth for Launch City would be a big one. Extending their lead to 9. The play that did most of the damage for Launch City was the safety squeeze laid down by Evan J. The bunt was fielded by the pitcher and thrown up the line in right field allowing the bases to clear and giving Launch City 3 runs in the process. Launch City would squeeze one more across in the inning after Collin walked and purposely put himself in a run down to score the runner from third. Launch City, thanks to small ball would extend their lead to 9. (9-0). Finally, the JC Braves would get on the board doing so in fashion and scoring 2. Greene and Aldrich would score for JC on an throwing error by the shortstop for Launch City. The Braves would leave two on base after a runner’s interference call that halted the inning only letting the Braves add two. (9-2 Launch City) Launch City would not wait long to answer; getting back on the board in the top of the 5th. Evan J got on with a walk, stole second and third, and came around to score thanks to Austin W’s walk and then purposefully getting into another run down to score the run. Austin W would come around and score after his walk thanks to an error by the third basemen of the JC Braves. Launch City would grab one insurance run in the top half of the 6th after Michael B walked, stole second and third, and scored on a passed ball. Extending their lead to 10. (12-2).  The ten run lead proved to be quite enough for Launch City; closing this one out in the bottom half of the sixth to secure the run rule. Launch City wins 12-2





















Game Three:


The NRV Tigers would be the first to put a markup; doing so in the top of the first. The Tigers were able to score 2 behind an RBI single by Campbell and then an RBI ground ball out put into play by Weaver, thus giving NRV the one run lead early. The Tigers would load the bases in the bottom of the second with no outs. From that position they would do some serious damage. Scoring 5. RBI’s in the inning belong to Shaffer, Underwood, Campbell, Weaver, and McNeil. All driving in runs off of singles or groundball outs; giving the Tigers the edge 7-0. Hustle Baseball was able to chip away at the Tigers lead some this inning by scoring 4. Zettel, Richardson and Martinez would lead of the inning with back-to-back-to-back hit by pitches to load the bases. Brumlow was next and went down swinging. It was back to the top of the order with the bases still juiced. Dom earned a base on balls and an RBI. Two more walks and a fielder’s choice would earn Cates, Hensley, and Brown RBIs also in the inning. Cutting the Tigers lead to only three. That’s all Hustle would get back; dropping this one 7-4.




Game Four:


Game Four of the evening at Daniel Boone would waste no time getting exciting. Diamond would start out the bottom half of the first inning strong scoring 2 before recording an out. Burks lead off with a hit by pitch and then took 2nd and 3rd. Pease was able to drive in Burks and then score off of a walk drawn by Jones. Diamond wasn’t done yet. After Elibbs flew out to center, Smith singled, knocking in Hughes. Brewer followed with one away in the inning and hit a ground ball out that resulted in an RBI; scoring Wagner & giving Diamond the lead 4-0 after the 1st. Invaders Baseball would wait until the 5th to answer to what Diamond did in the first inning. Howell lead off the inning for the Invaders with a 2 strike HBP and then advanced to third on the single from Herzog. Cook would ground into a fielder choice; advancing Herzog to second. Coleman grounded to third and forced an error which allowed Howell to score and Herzog to move to third. Herzog was then caught in a run down between third and home after Coleman was caught in the middle of first and second on the pick off move. Barrase came to the plate next and also was able to force an error from the third basemen which allowed Coleman to score. Finally, Murray did the final damage of the inning for the Invaders by smacking an RBI single into left center. Bringing Diamonds lead to only one. (4-3). Diamond would be able to hang on to this one, despite putting the tying run on base due to a walk. Diamond Baseball wins 4-3













Game Five:


It would be until the top half of the fourth inning in the night cap before the pitcher’s duel could be broken up. The Tennessee Bash would strike first behind a double from Payne and then a throwing error by the shortstop on Berry’s groundball allowed Payne to cross as the first run of the game and giving the Bash the lead. Commonwealth Baseball didn’t like seeing their row empty on the scoreboard and were finally ready to do something about it in the bottom of the fourth. Evans was hit by a pitch for the second time in the game and then advanced to second on a single by VanDyke. Commonwealth would put the double steal on with runners on first and second. The move would pay off as an errant throw from the catcher allowed Evans to score; tying the game at 1. The pitcher’s duel quickly changed to a punch, counter punch game from the fourth inning on. The Bash moved in front in the top half of the fifth. Maples lead off with a walk, and then stole second. Webb laid down bunt to move Maples to third, but Maples would end up scoring after Commonwealth tried to cut him down rounding third. The Bash would add an insurance run in the top of the 7th. Helton would lead off with a single, move to third off back-to-back walks and then score on a past ball. Later in the inning Parton would single, scoring Maples from 3rd and moving Webb to third. Another Past ball would let Webb move across and score and Parton to move to third. The Bash were not done collecting insurance yet as a single from Rauton extended the inning and scored Parton from third. Four would be all the insurance needed as they take the W 6-1.








Game One:


First game of the day between the Middle TN Wolves and the Knox New Balance. The wolves would grab an early advantage in the top of the second inning when Chris Arbuthnot hit a hard ground ball to the right of the shortstop for a single that ended up scoring both Broyles and Johnson. Broyles reached on a fielders choice and Johnsonl followed with a single. They very next time to the plate, Knox New Balance decided two runs wasn’t enough and scratched across another. Hickey reached the base paths on a walk, and then stole second. Bowers came to the plate later in the inning and drove in Hickey with a single to left adding one to the score. The longer this game went on the more lopsided it got. Know New Balance would keep adding to their lead. In the fifth Hickey reached on an error from the right fielder, moved to second on a past ball, and then was brought around to score off of Bowers big double. Bowers double also scored Nelson from second. Nelson singled earlier in the inning and moved to second when the throw from the outfield missed a cut off man. Despite the double, the Wolves were able to get the next to guys to ground out to stop the bleeding and keep the score at 5-0.New Balance would snag __ insurance run(s) in the top half of the seventh. After a double play Beech was left on second base with two away. Nelson was next to the plate and smoked a ball to the third basemen to force an error which allowed Beech to score and on the throw home from the outfield Nelson was able to take second. Bowers then ripped a line drive single into left center. Knocking in Nelson and capping a two run inning to secure a 7-0 lead. That’s all New Balance would need as Chris Arbuthnot threw a no hitter, striking out 13.



Game Two:


Legacy and TN stars were responsible for the mid-morning game at Daniel Boone. Legacy would get on the board first; doing so in the second inning. Legacy’s Nacho would lead off the inning with a single and advance to second on a throwing error. Ric & David drew back to back walks later in the inning to load the bases. Nacho was able to score from third on a passed ball; Ric and David followed and both moved up one base. After Holden drew a walk the bases were loaded again. Merritt, who was on the mound for the Stars, was able to get out of the bases loaded jam by inducing a fly out from Shane. Legacy would put another mark up in the top of the third thanks to Andrew, who walked with one out and ended up stealing second and third. Nate was at the plate with a runner at third and one out in the inning and smacked a single into right; scoring Andrew. Ensuring that they keep the lead 2-0. The Tennessee Stars would finally answer in the bottom half of the sixth. Rosa would get on due to an error by the third basemen that also allowed him to advance to second. Mauldin’s sac bunt moved Rosa to third. White would knock in Rosa with a single to shallow left cutting Legacy’s lead to only one.   Despite havng the tying run on second, Legacy was able to close out the victory 2-1



Game Three:

At the Yard would waste no time building a lead in this one; busting for five in the inning. At the Yard started the inning with two walks and a single to load the bases. Nick Trimber drew a bases loaded walk to issue the first run of the game for at the yard. A hard hit double in the gap by Logan Stevenson drove in two more to push the lead to three. Landon Scott kept the inning alive and walked to load the bases once more. Jimenez followed with a sac fly to score Trimber. Ty Connor finished the damage in the first with a bases loaded RBI single that scored Stevenson (Logan) and extended at the yard’s lead to five. They would keep adding to the lead as well, in the bottom of the second John Lawrie contected with ball that went deep into center field for a one out bases clearing triple; scoring  Gavin Pearson and Luke Stevenson. Both of whom singled earlier in the inning. At the Yard would collect one more in the third; Steven Jimenez scored from third on a ball that scooted away from Bandits catcher, Art Neal. The Short Pump Bandits finally put someone across the plate, thanks to the two out error by At the yard second basemen, Mike Connolly, that allowed Nate Wineinger to reach base and Keagon McDearmon to score after he walked earlier in the inning. In the bottom of the fourth, at the yard answered and extended their already sizeable lead to 9. Logan Stevenson’s fielders choice ground ball was enough to score John Lawrie. Marcus Berger joined the hit parade and gave At the yard their second run on the inning by singling into left center and scoring Stevenson (Logan).  Ten runs would be more than enough for At the Yard to complete the win 10-1.


Game Four:

The Fury would kick this one off in a hurry; scoring one in the bottom of the first. Chase McBryar singled and would come around to score off of a passed ball. The Fury would tac on three more in the bottom of the third. Braden Ott lead off the inning with a walk and would score on an RBI single by Rod Hutcherson. Braden Casner and Frankie Zahrobsky would follow with RBI hits of their own; each scoring their predecessor Casner’s being a triple that was on a frozen rope into the left center gap. The Fury kept the throttle on in the bottom of the 4th scoring two more Stover Evans got the inning going with a single into right and was able to come around and cross the plate thanks to Chase McBryar and his RBI single in shallow right. Kyle Berry would follow McBryar and rope a triple into deep center field; scoring McBryar easily. The Fury add on four more in the bottom half of the 5th to induce the run rule. The story of the inning was errors for the Senators. Two big errors that lead to 3 runs for the Fury and Chase McBryar fishes them off with his deep sac fly to center. Fury wins 10-0


Game Five:

Game Five of Saturday is a Commonwealth Showdown. The Grye’s Black vs the Grey’s White. The Gry’s Black would jump on the board first; Scoring 4 in the bottom of the first. Kayden Allen lead off the inning with a rocket of a triple to center field. James Good followed suit with an RBI single of his own. Good would later come around to score on a passed ball by Grey’s White catcher, Trey Hollon. Logan Disponette did they big damage in the inning however when he smacked a 2 RBI double into the right center gap scoring Mullins and Wellman.  The Grey’s White get one back thanks to a wild pick off throw to third; allowing Hollon to score from third after walking, and being advanced around the bases. The Grey’s Black did some more damage in the third. Micah Mullins walked and then advanced to third when Bryce Patterson hit a hard gorund ball to short; inducing an error, allowing Mullins to reach third and Bryce himself to reach second with only one out. Gabriel Jerdon was responsible for the two scored in the third off of his 2 RBI single. Extending the Grey’s Black lead 6-1. Grey’s Black was not done yet, pushing across 4 more in the bottom half of the 4th.  Back-to-back singles to start the inning from Disponette and Kennon Martin put runners at the conners with no one out. Adkins walked to load the bases up. Disponette and Martin both scored on passed balls, and later in the inning Kayden Allen sacrificed himself with a fly out to right, scoring Adkins. James Good reached first base on a dropped fly ball in center and would come around to score on the double by Micah Mullins. Extending their lead to 9.(10-1).  Martin walks it off in the bottom of the fifth with a run rule win 11-1.


Game Six:

The Night cap would get kicked off in a hurry; The Jefferson County Patriots pushed across one in the top of the first to jump out to a quick lead. Grimsley lead off the inning with a loud triple that burnt the center fielder. Vaughn was next and would ground out to shortstop, but score Grimsley while doing so. Johnson County was able to extend their lead in the top of the second off of an RBI single by Dalton that scored Cameron, who walked earlier in the inning.  Commonwealth finally decided to get on the board in the bottom of the second inning. Luke Straub lead off the inning with a single and would come around to score on an RBI single by Gunner Reed. In the third it would be Johnson City again putting a mark up on the board. Scoring three. Grimsley reached on an error by the Commonwealth shortstop and was pushed around to score By Lawson on his RBI single. Thomas followed Lawson with an RBI single of his own to push the lead to 3. The Patriots weren’t done yet and would score one more off the RBI double by Burchett making the score 5-1. Commonwealth scratches one back in the bottom of the fourth thanks to a sac fly from Gunner Reed that pushed across Luke Straub. This cut the lead of Johnson County to only 3. Commonwealth was able to scratch across another in the bottom of the sixth. Hayden Jones lead off with a double and was able to come around and score off of a passed ball, cutting the Patriots lead to 2. The Patriots were able to get four insurance run in the top of the 7th. Three coming off of bases loaded hit batsmen. The other coming as Lawson stole home after singling and being moved around the bases. Nine would be all the patriots needed, collecting the win 9-3.












Game One:

The early morning game between the Pro Hitting Prospects and Cross Hit Baseball would be win or go home for both teams. The Pro Hitting Prospects got on the board first thanks to a lead off single by Wong-Shasteen and two batters later an RBI double poked into the gap by Edington giving the Prospects a 1-0 lead. The lead wouldn’t be 1-0 for long as the Prospects added one to their score in the bottom of the third. Emory Wright started the inning off with a hit by pitch, and would move to second on Ty Nettles single. Wright would then steal 3rd and eventually come around to score on a ground ball out hit by JD Price, extending the lead to 2-0. Two is all the Prospects would need as Braden Caldwell was electric on the mound; going the distance giving up no runs, on 2 hits, 12K’s, and 0 walks.


Game Two:

Commonwealth would get on the board first to jump out to an early 2-0 lead Garrett Wellman and Micah Mullins lead off the inning with back-to-back singles. Logan Adkins would do the big damage in the inning ripping a single into right center scoring both Wellman and Mullins. A big third inning for Commonwealth propelled them to a 7-0 lead. Logan Adkins started it off by smoking a double in left center scoring Patterson and Jerdon. Martin followed Adkins by singling into right and gaining the RBI. Two more easy ones would come in the inning on bases loaded walks drawn by Cashman and Allen. Both receiving RBIs for either efforts.  Another big inning by Commonwealth, scoring 3 and putting themselves in front by 10. Bryce Patterson got commonwealth going with an RBI single scoring Mullins who lead off the inning with a screaming triple. Gabriel Jerdon was next to the plate and hit a nuke into left center clearing the wall and giving Commonwealth a 10-0 lead. It would stay that way until the end. Commonwealth shutting down the Wolves in the top of the 5th to secure the run rule victory.


Game Three

Commonwealth Grey’s White wasted no time getting on the scoreboard in this one with back-to-back hits from their three and four hitters. Ethan Miracle singled and then scored on Carter Wigglesworth’s RBI double. The  Longhorns wouldn’t be down for long, busting for three in the bottom of the first. Ryan Winters was responsible for 2 of the three after singling up the middle scoring Grayson King and Aiden. Grayson reached on a fielders choice, and Aiden walked. Jake Taylor came to the plate later in the inning and knocked in Winters for the third and final run of the inning.  Commonwealth took the lead with their big half inning in the fifth. The Grey’s white busted for 6 hits and three runs. Sanchez, Dominguez, and Miracle all had RBI singles in the inning each scoring the person before them. Givng Commonwealth a 4-3 lead. Four is all they would need, as they come from behind to collect the win