Knoxville Christen School

 Game Reports 9 am: Exposure Silver vs. Pro Hitting Prospects

Exposure Silver began their offense in the 2nd inning scoring two runs with the help of Essenburg’s RBI single up the middle. The next inning Exposure drew three consecutive walks leading them to a 4-0 lead. Pro Hitting Prospects’ offensive leader was #9 Caldwell, who hit a perfect 3-3 of singles. No runs on the board for Pro Hitting Prospects as Exposure’s pitching dominated. Starting pitcher #62 Lewis pitched a solid three innings no runs scored. The final score of the ball game was Exposure Silver 4, Pro Hitting Prospects 0


Game Reports 11:30: TN Stix vs. Exposure Silver

 Both the Stix and Exposure Silver came out the gate hot, both scoring six runs each in the first two innings. For the TN Stix #5 Raby had a two-run home run and an RBI double leading the charge for his team. Also, for the Stix first baseman, Ferguson has a monster of a game going 3-3 with a triple, two doubles, and 2 RBIs. For Exposure Silver, leadoff batter #7 Powers helped gain early momentum with a leadoff single and a rbi double scoring a run in the 2nd inning. The offense slowed down as the Stix brought in reliever #35 Williams. The final score of the ball game was TN Stix 12, Exposure Silver 7.


 Chattanooga Generals vs. Tri-Star Crusaders

 A gem of a pitching performance told the tale of this game. Starting pitcher for the Generals, Corey Clift threw a complete five-inning shutout, only giving up one hit! The only offense shown by the Tri-Star Crusaders was of #3 Tristen, who had a single in the 4th inning. Offensively for the Generals #2, Eli Coffelt got the momentum rolling with a single in the 3rd inning; he finished 2-2 with an RBI. In the 3rd inning, the Generals had four consecutive hits leading to a four-run inning. The final score of the game was Chattanooga Generals 8, Tri Star Crusaders 0.


 Tri Star Titans Black vs. Fury 18u Brad

 Starting pitcher Preston Miller led the Titans as he threw a complete-game shutout. His command on his fastball missed bats all game as he only gave up three hits. The Titans leadoff batter Trey Massengill went 2-3 with two singles and an RBI. He’s hit in the 3rd inning proved pivotal as the Titans drew away 10-0. Also, for Titans #23, Jordan Bridges had a good day with two hits and an RBI. For Fury, the first baseman Emery sparked the offense with a double in the last inning, but nothing came of it. The final score of the ball game was Tri-Star Titans Black 10, Fury 18u Brad 0


 Crusaders Garrette vs. RBI Redstitch

 A well-matched game this was, as each team played good defense and pitch well. The Crusaders were starting pitcher #27 Garrett threw three innings, giving up two runs. The Crusaders scored both of their runs in the 4th inning with two hits and three walks. #8 led the rally with a single and #19 Milsaps drove him in. At the bottom of the 6th inning, the RBI Redstitch got two men on base and had #4 Burchett drove in the winning run! The final score of the ball game was RBI Redstitch 3, Crusaders 2


Game Reports 9 am game 15u Crusaders vs. Pro Hitting Prospects

 Early game pitching dominated as the Crusaders starting pitcher #2 Hubbard struck out 5 of the first six outs recorded! The Pro Hitting Prospects starting pitcher #24 Daniels kept anyone from scoring in the first three innings by throwing strikes and forcing weak contact. The Prospects were on the board first as in the 3rd inning as #7 Lawson drove in a base runner with an opposite-field double. The Crusaders tied the game up in the 4th and took the lead in the 5th inning with good situational hitting from Hubbard’s ground ball to the first baseman. #5 Bradbury also had a good day with a single through the six-hole and a huge RBI ground ball. The final score of the game was Crusaders 4, Pro Hitting Prospects 1.


 TN Rage vs. Crusaders

 A strong pitching performance from the Crusaders #5 Hoover helps lead them to victory over TN Rage. Hoover threw four innings, giving up only one run. Not much offense from Rage but 2nd baseman #36 Cole, who drove in the sole run and went 2-2. The Crusaders opened the game with three runs by taking four hit-by-pitches and #22 Dingus driving in the third run off a single. Another highlight was #20 from the Crusader’s Groves, who went 2-2 with a single, double, and 2 RBIs. In the 5th inning the Crusaders took a commanding 11-1 lead from the help of Hoover who had good situational hitting with a ground ball bringing in another run. The final score of the ball game was Crusaders 15u 11, TN Rage 1.


 TN Rage vs. Exposure Silver

 In the first inning, TN Rage blew it open with five runs! Sparked by four-hole hitter and catcher Brody, who had a 2 RBI triple down the right-field line. Brody finished 3-3 with a triple, two singles, and 4 RBIs. Also, for Rage #36, Cole had an RBI single in the first inning, keeping the momentum alive. The offense for Exposure lacked as they only had two hits and no runs. Leadoff batter #3 Turner and #10 Franks batted singles each. The final score of the game was TN Rage 9, Exposure Silver 0


Tri Star Crusaders vs. Middle Tennessee Longhorns

 The Middle Tennessee Longhorns blew the game open in the second inning as they recorded 11 runs off of 7 hits and six walks. #35 Aaron recorded two hits in the inning with 2 RBIs, #4 Jake also had a 3 RBI double increasing the lead to 7 runs. The in the 3rd inning, the Tri-Star Crusaders, mustered up a runoff of #13 Sam’s double. #2 Caleb was another Crusader who had an RBI double, giving them two runs. In the 3rd inning, the Longhorns drew five walks and a hit batter, giving them another two runs finalizing the game 14-2 with Longhorns prevailing over the Crusaders.


 Crusaders Garrette vs. Exposure Silver

 A perfect pitching performance from Crusaders Garrette’s #8 Nate Conner and relief pitcher #18 Caleb Rogers combined for a perfect game. Conner recorded nine strikeouts in 4 innings. Conner opened the game with five consecutive strikeouts. Offensively the Crusaders scored a strong six runs in the 2nd inning sparked by #24 Carter Skeen’s RBI single! The Crusaders go on to work counts and swipe bases to win the game 8-0 over Exposure Silver in perfect fashion.


 Crusaders Garrette vs. Tribe

 In the first inning, Tribe capitalizes on free bases and a timely error to score #2 Griswold to make it a 1-0 ball game. The Crusaders quickly fire back with 4 of their own in the bottom half of the first inning. #8 Conner started the rally with a well-placed sac fly plating the first run. In the second inning #19, Tyler Millsaps drives in 2 runs with a beautiful line drive over the second baseman. #20 Riley Hartline drove in two runs from a sac fly and a perfect ground ball. Hartline also closed the last inning, getting three quick outs. The final score of the game was Crusaders Garrette 10, Tribe 2.


 Redstitch vs. Tri-City Titans

The Tri-City Titans got on the board first in the 3rd inning as they worked the count and had timely ground balls. #15 Harris brought a runner in with a ground ball to the first baseman, making it a 2-0 ball game. The Titans struck back with two runs of their own in the 3rd inning as the leadoff batter #15 Leroy drove in a run with a ground ball. #22 had an RBI grounder that brought in the 2nd run of the inning. #34 for the Titans finished the day a solid 2-2. The final score of the ball game was RBI Redstitch 8, Tri-Cities Titans 3.


Exposure Black vs. Tri Star Sox

 In the first elimination game of the day Exposure Black jumped on the scoreboard early as they grabbed two runs in the first inning. Exposure capitalized on a leadoff walk by #2 Reece Jordan driving in the first run with a single. Also, in the inning, #5 Drew Potts score the second run with an RBI single. The Tri-Star Sox answered with three runs of their own in the 3rd inning with the help from a two error Exposure inning. #3 from the Sox, Ramsey reaches base twice with a hit-by-pitch and a single in the 2nd inning. The final score of the game was Exposure Black 6, Tri Star Sox 3.


Exposure Black vs. Crusaders 

In the Championship game, the Crusaders got an early first-inning lead with three consecutive hits drawing in 3 runs. #20 Graves began the rally with an RBI single and #34 Slagle and #17 Owens followed with RBI singles of their own. Graves finished the day with an impressive 2-2 and a walk. Not much offense as the Exposure Black only reaches base twice as they get two hits from #22 Hudson Couch and #2 Reece Jordan. The starting pitcher for the Crusaders #34 Slagle seemed to be calm and collected as he four batters in his two-hit game. The final score of the game was Crusaders 12, Exposure Black 0.


JC Rockets vs Tri Star Crusaders Navy

The Tri Star Crusaders Navy came out with a bang batting through the order scoring 4 runs. Lead off batter #1 Jaxson started with an energizing double to left center. A couple walks later and #17 Josh had a line drive up the middle to plate two runs. The JC Rockets began scoring in the bottom half of the 6th inning as they had clean up hitter #18 Carter Babb drove in two runs with a double off the center field wall!! The Rockets scored 3 more runs in the 5th inning sparked by #4 Ryan Jesse who scored 2 runs off a double. Also in the inning #24 Gavin Johnson had a single that scored a run. The final score of the game was JC Rockets 9, Tri Star Crusaders Navy 5.


Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal be Knoxville Stars

The Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal got their offense started in the bottom of the second inning as lead off batter #13 Baxter had a double to right center sparking his team. He was brought around the bases with #11 Brook’s double that scored two runs. The very next inning the Knoxville Stars tied that game with three runs. #10 Bolton drove in the first 2 runs with a line drive single to left center and #34 Edds scored him with a line drive up the middle. In the bottom half of the 3rd, #2 Howe led off with a double and later scored on a wild pitch. The final score of the game was Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal 5, Knox Stars 3.


Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal vs The Lab

The Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal put an impressive 7 runs on the board in the 1st inning of the championship game! Two hole hitter #6 Morse had a single in the first, moving a runner in scoring position. Morse finished the day 2-3 with a sac fly and an RBI. #11 Brook had a huge 3 rbi triple that gave his team momentum. Slowly The Lab chipped at the lead scoring 2 in the 3rd inning and 5 in the 4th inning. #10 Mays had a 2 RBI single up the middle. The leadoff batter for The Lab stood out as he went 3-4 with 3 singles. The Lab took the lead in the top of the 7th from #15 Housewright’s rbi single making it a 8-7 ball game. The Arsenal rallied together and won the ball game in the bottom half with the walk-off hit coming from #27 Compton’s single to right center. The final score of the game was Kentucky Mustangs Arsenal 9, The Lab 8.