On June 4-6, we held an event in the Chattanooga and Cleveland areas for ages 13-15u. Our championship teams were: Crusaders Baseball (13u), Chattanooga Dodgers (14u), and Alpha Prime (15u). Great job, guys!


Silverdale Baptist


Friday, June 4, 2021

Silverdale Baptist Academy 6 PM 

Longhorns Baseball vs Hustle Baseball 

The Hustle got one runner on base in the top of the first inning via a walk, but starting pitcher for the Longhorns, JR,  threw a strikeout for each out of the inning, stranding the runner at second. #20 Jack, for the Longhorns, made use of his speed in the first inning, drawing a walk and stealing two bases. The effort came too late though and he found himself stranded on the bases. Hustle got the leadoff hitter on base via walk, and then hit into a fielder’s choice. On the very next play, a double play was turned via line drive to the third baseman that resulted in a double up at first. In the bottom of the inning, the pitcher for Hustle struggled to find the zone, walking three of the first batters. The Longhorns capitalized on this, bringing home three runs.  #6 for Hustle drove in two in the top of the fifth to make it 3-3. To end the top of the sixth there was a rather untraditional double play, coming in the form of a strike-’em-out, throw-’em-out. In the bottom of the sixth, shortstop Bryson delivered a shot to the left-field fence, driving in #3 Cooper to put the Longhorns up 4-3. 

Longhorns Baseball: 6

Hustle Baseball: 3


Friday, June 4, 2021

Silverdale Baptist Academy 8:15 PM 

BC Athletics vs Hustle Baseball 

The Athletics had a strong outing from starting pitcher, Cameron Cooper, allowing only one hit through three innings pitched. The Hustle struggled to find the zone with their pitching staff, and a bad cramp caused their catcher to go out of the game in the second inning with a total of 11 walks through two innings, putting eight runs on the board early for the Athletics. The Athletics strung together a few hits lead by D. Nyitrai, who hit two runners in on a double to the wall. Center Fielder  J. Pearson had one hit, but walked in his other two appearances. However, he proved to be a menace to the basepaths, scoring everytime he got on. 

BC Athletics: 14

Hustle Baseball: 2 


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Silverdale Baptist Academy 11:15 AM 

WPI 2025 Higgins vs Knoxville Chaos  

WPI started the game strong, getting an eight-pitch, three-out in the top of the first. Starting pitcher, Niggl, for WPI looked strong, showing off his arm and good curveball. Pinson for WPI had the best showing at the plate for both teams, going 3-for-4 and scoring two runs for his team. The Chaos played solid defense, but WPI did a great job of driving the ball into the gaps and accumulating hits to drive in their runs. In the fifth inning, walks killed the Chaos, allowing the 2-6 hole hitters to reach and ultimately come around to score via walk. 

WPI 2025 Higgins 7

Knoxville Chaos: 1 


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Silverdale Baptist Academy 3:45 PM 

Baseball Mission vs Renegades  

This game started intensely with incredible defense being played in the first two innings, allowing no one to reach base. In the top of the third, B. Grimes for the Renegades found himself in a pickle, walking the first two batters for Mission and advancing them both into scoring position via a wild pitch. The runners later scored from a sac fly and a weak grounder to second, putting the Mission up 2-0. The Renegades battled back with help from leadoff hitter, L. K., who drove a double to the wall and scored later in the inning, cutting the lead to one. This game stayed close until the fifth, when a pitching change played right into Mission’s favor. They tacked on six more runs to make it 8-1 going into the bottom of the fifth. As the Renegades were up to bat, time expired, and the look of defeat had swept everyone’s face on the Renegades sideline. The Renegades got a runner on first, but stranded him there as the last two batters went down on strikes, falling to the Mission 8-1. 

Mission: 8

Renegades: 1 


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Silverdale Baptist Academy 6:00 PM 

Hit after Hit Outlaws  vs Renegades  

The Outlaws’ pitcher, J. Cook, threw a no-hitter throughout this game, and the bats were rolling for the Outlaws. Right after the tough-fought game for the Renegades, they looked like they had no fuel left in the tank. The Outlaws clean-up hitter, M. Peden, had a great game at the plate, going 3-for-3 with two doubles and five RBIs in the game. The team had a collective 11 hits out of their 29 plate appearances in the game and made quick work of the Renegades, despite leaving runners on base in the first three innings. 

Outlaws: 9

Renegades: 1 


Cleveland State College


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 9:00 AM

Titans Baseball vs Mission Baseball

Titans #5 Keller started the game and pitched flawlessly through the top of the first. The Titans then put up three in the bottom of the first,  jumping to an early lead. Mission Baseball scored two runs on back-to-back hits and the Titans’ left fielder threw out a runner at the plate to end the inning. The game was scoreless after the first two innings. #5 Keller was stellar throughout the rest of the game, striking out the side in the fifth and a jam in the sixth. Mission’s #2 Maddox hit a two-out triple down the right-field line in the top of the seventh. Titans closing pitcher #22 got a popup to end the game, earning the save, and #5 Keller earns the Win. 

Titans: 3

Mission Baseball: 2


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 11:04 AM

Hit after Hit Outlaws (Powers) vs East TN Crusaders

The pitching performance put on by the Crusaders’ #16 Barton was stellar. He struck out seven batters in the four innings he pitched. Barton was perfect through three, but then a runner reached base in the fourth. He also had a hit on the day. The Crusaders had at least four batters with extra-base hits. #21 Fox had two hits in the game, as well as a couple of RBIs for the Crusaders. The Crusaders’ #34 Pugh came in to pitch in the fifth and threw well. He rolled a double-play ball, and his fielders behind him did the work. Pugh finished the game for the Crusaders, only giving up one run in his three innings. The Outlaws had some good field work, and shortstop #8 Johnson had a couple of nice plays. In the first inning he showed range by running to his right, sliding to stop a ball up the middle, then throwing the batter out. It was all Crusaders from there. 

Crusaders: 9

Outlaws: 1 


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 1:23 PM

Rawlings Tigers Chattanooga vs Titans Baseball

The Tigers and Titans game ended in a final score of 9-3 Tigers. The Tigers tallied 17 hits in the frame and got out to an early lead by scoring two runs on four hits in the first. This offense was led by #12 Cartellanor. #4 Daniel started on the mound for the Tigers and pitched four innings, only giving up one run on three hits. The Tigers’ third baseman, #9 McBryar, showed some good glove work throughout the game and had some good at-bats on the day. The Titans made some good plays in the field and had some good pitching; they just couldn’t get anything going. The score was 2-1 into the fourth, and then the Tigers exploded for seven runs. The Titans scored a couple of runs in the fifth, but the Tigers’ offense was too hot.

Tigers: 9

Titans: 3


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 3:46 PM

Rawlings Tigers Chattanooga vs East TN Crusaders

The Crusaders came out hitting, putting up two in the first inning against the Tigers’ #16. After that, #16 didn’t give up another run. This game was a fundamental display of pitching and defense. The grudge match was won, led by the pitcher #8, who helped keep the game close for the Crusaders. #6 led the offense for the Crusaders, tallying two hits. Late in the game, #21 Fox had the go-ahead RBI after #6 Richards’ two-out double. That became the game-winning RBI as the Crusaders went on to win 3-2.

Crusaders: 3

Tigers: 2


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 8:32 AM

Chattanooga Dodgers vs Chattanooga Warriors

The Dodgers’ pitcher, #1 Brannen, started off strong in bracket play. The young pitcher struck out a batter and picked off a runner, starting the game off defensively for the Dodgers. Brannen went on to throw a complete game only giving up two runs on three hits. The offense started slowly, but took off in the sixth with the Dodgers scoring five runs. Leading the charge for the Dodgers was #27 Embry, who had three hits in the game. The Warriors’ two runs were scored after a hit from #40 Sapp, followed by a triple from #1 Womack. Dodger’s #27 Embry made a web gem with a diving catch in left field to save a run in the fifth. The Dodgers won the game 7-2. 

Dodgers: 7

Warriors: 2


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 10:41 AM

Tribe vs Longhorns Baseball

The Longhorns started off the game hot, scoring four runs in the top half of the first. Taking advantage of a few miscues by the Tribe, the Longhorns got a pair of doubles by #16 and #10, causing them to jump out to an early lead. After the miscues in the first, it was time for the Tribe. #1 had three hits in the game for the Tribe. #42 made a web gem diving catch in the top of the fifth and drove in a run to battle back. This game was an offensive showcase as both teams had hit after hit. The Tribe won the game 9-5 after seven innings of play.

Tribe 9

Longhorns: 5


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 1:00 PM

Tribe vs Chattanooga Dodgers

The weather started to calm down for the third game of the day at Cleveland State. In the top of the first, leadoff hitter #2 Shannon had an infield single to second base. This kid can flat-out fly down the line. Shannon took second and third shortly after that. He then scored on a passed ball, getting the first run of the game. In Shannon’s second at-bat, he lined a pitch into the right-center field gap. After stealing second, he was batted in by #44 Collins. Both teams hit the ball and put runs on the board throughout the game, but the Dodgers came out on top, winning 13-7. 

Dodgers: 13

Tribe: 7


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 3:28 PM

WPI 2025 Higgins vs BC Athletics

This game was extremely entertaining. WPI came out hitting and scored the first run of the game in the second inning. It was answered by the BC Athletics’ hit parade. Both teams battled throughout the game, having three lead changes. With the game tied in the top of sixth, WPI’s #22 hit a single, and scored off of a double made by #13 that bounced off the base of the wall. The score was 6-4 WPI, but BC Athletics weren’t done yet. A walk gave the Athletics life in the bottom of sixth, and it was followed up by a hit. Following those two, #4 Bobich hit a two-RBI triple to tie it up. With two outs on a full count, #3 Nyitrai walked off for the Athletics with a single into left center. With the walk-off, Athletics won 7-6, sending them to the championship game. 

BC Athletics 7

WPI 2025 Higgins: 6


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cleveland State Community College 5:48 PM

Chattanooga Dodgers vs BC Athletics

The championship game had great pitching from both teams. #2 Shannon started off the game with a single, and then stole second. He came in to score after #6 hit a line drive into center field. This was the only run until the third, when Shannon came up again to hit a single and steal second. Both teams battled until the end, but the Dodgers took advantage of a few walks and scored off of a double by #27 Embry. BC Athletics scored a couple of runs to make it 5-2. The Dodgers’ pitcher #10 Dockery went into the game to close it out. Dockery had very smooth-arm action and was throwing some heat. The Dodgers ended up winning the championship game 7-2.

Dodgers: 7

BC Athletics: 2