Thank you for allowing your athlete to participate, we greatly value the trust you put in us!!
We want you to not only have the best tournament experience possible, but we also realize many times you are traveling away from home, and we want you to have the best “city” experience as well. Below are links to tourism pages for each city that we have tournaments scheduled in so you can get an idea of where things are, and what to do while visiting!

Gate fees and weekend passes will vary from tournament to tournament, based on the location and the fields we are using. We are very mindful of this expense and try to keep all gate costs as low as possible.

We will post the link to each tournament schedule and locations under tournaments under the event 5-8 days before the event.

Most parks do not allow smoking inside the park, some do have designated smoking areas, so please be mindful of this. Also each field has their own cooler responsibility as we do not do concessions nor do we determine the cooler rules.

There are no refunds on admission for rain-out games.

We ask that parents are respectful of those around them, including umpires, parents from the other team, as well as our staff. But if you are ejected you will have to leave the premises.

HAVE FUN, and thank you for participating with us!