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Hardin Valley

JC had yet another dominating pitching performance against Easton. It took the offense one time through the batting order to get a feel for the Easton pitching but once they were on, they were on. Hit the ball all over the field and rarely left runners stranded on base.

Easton seemed to be having trouble seeing the ball well and didn’t do much damage offensively only scoring two runs. Thunder had a big breakout inning in the 6th where they scored 6 runs and the game was over after that.

JC Thunder wins again 10-2

JC Thunder came out attacking the ball; getting runners on base the first three innings but couldn’t get them in until the fourth. They had good defense and a good pitcher who held Showcase to 0 runs through 5 innings and 3 through to the 7th for a complete game.

Showcase had some pitching problems early on with throwing strikes, but found one that was in the zone until Thunder jumped on him. Showcase never really found any momentum offensively but strung 3 runs together late in the game but it was too late.

Thunder wins 5-3.

This was a very fast paced game due to the pitchers throwing strikes and getting outs. Diamond started a soft lefty with a hook curveball that he used in different counts to keep hitters guessing. He ended up throwing 5 shutout innings and allowed 1 run in the 6th .

The Prospects started a hard throwing righty with a sharp slider that only a few Diamond hitters could put into play. Stayed on the outer half of the plate but could come in on the hands as well.

Competitive pitcher with a middle infielder attitude but got a little too emotional at times. Diamond had a break out inning where they scored two runs on an RBI single and put on another run in the 6th.

Prospects, down 3 to 1, had a comeback started in the bottom of the seventh with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs but couldn’t get the hit they needed. Diamond USA won 3-1.

Diamond Mine jumped on the first pitcher in the first inning with a few hits and 2 runs scored. They didn’t do much with the second pitcher but eventually started seeing him better and put up 3 more runs in a big 5th inning to take the lead back.

Palmetto’s offense took a while to get started, not scoring a run until the 4th inning. Palmetto had a few chances to do more damage, but left way too many runners on base. Palmetto beat themselves defensively throwing the ball around and not getting the sure out. Diamon Mine won this one 5-3.

Ole Hickory got ahead early after the Tribe pitcher walked the bases loaded scoring two runs. Offense shut down after that until the 6th where they scored two more runs after the bases were loaded again.

Tribe took a while to get the bats going, scoring their first run in the third and tacking on 3 more in the 5th with some big hits. They held each other at four runs the rest of the game.

Tie 4-4.

The East TN Yankees had good pitching all game until the last inning where they walked in the 4 runs to lose the game. All their runs were spread out, with one run scored in each of the 2nd , 3rd , 5th , and 6th. Rawlings couldn’t get their bats going all game and got the game handed to them in the last inning.

Rawlings won 4-3.

Both teams came to play today, with lead off doubles in the first inning from both teams. Liberty’s leadoff double resulted in a big 5 run inning in the top of the first. Georgia Liberty had some solid pitching going for them.

#3 from Liberty had a nasty slider that froze hitters and made them back out of the box when it was a strike. He had that middle infielder mentality of attacking the hitter.

He fell into some deep counts but won the battle 9/10 times. ETB did a good job at hitting the ball, but they couldn’t keep up with the offense of Liberty, and their walks and errors really hurt them as well.

Liberty wins this one 9-5.

The Tribe started a lefty who had a sharp curveball that froze hitters in deep counts. His curveball got squared up one time for a double in the left center gap.

Tribe had a big breakout inning in the 3rd where they scored 4 runs. #15 for the Tribe continued to impress me, with a triple from yesterday and a big 3 run double today.

Also has a very strong arm from short and on the mound as well. Tribe went through 3 pitchers, only allowing two runs to be scored, while Tribe put up a total of 11.

Tribe wins this one 11-2.

Arsenal black jumped on the pitcher in the first inning, scoring two runs. They couldn’t get a roll on offense, scoring their next three runs in the 3rd , 5th , and 6th.

Arsenal’s starting pitcher dominated the Stars offense, not allowing any runs the whole time he pitched through the 4th inning. The next pitcher held them to 3 runs which was enough to win them the game.

Arsenal won this one 6-3.

323 Baseball got started in the first inning, taking advantage of a leadoff walk scoring one run. They had good pitching that shut down the Tri Star offense for most of the game.

The score was 1-1, a tight game, until the 5th inning when 323 took the lead to make it 3-1. From there, it was all their game; they had a big inning in the 6th where they scored 3 runs, and Tri Star had no chance of coming back.

Tri Star left too many runners stranded on base to be successful.

323 Baseball wins this one 6-1.

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