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July 17-19 Cardianl

Both teams got the bats going in the first inning, JC Thunder scoring two runs after a leadoff double from Jacob Bedard, a couple walks, and a single to get the RBIs. Hardknox responded with one run in the bottom of the first, but got shut down the rest of the game. The starting pitcher for Thunder was a lefty, who didn’t have much velocity, but had good off speed and breaking pitches. He threw a complete game, only allowing four hits and two earned runs. JC Thunder got the bats going again in the fifth, putting up two more runs. In the bottom of the sixth, Hardknox scored another run, but couldn’t get any more in after that. JC Thunder wins this one 4-2.

Tri Star jumped on the Titans early, putting up four runs in the top of the first inning after a few walks and a couple doubles. The Titans responded with two runs in the bottom, but left some needed runs in scoring position. Tri Star got the bats rolling again in the third inning, scoring three runs off a single and two doubles. Then, they held the Titans three-up three-down. Tri Star came back out swinging again and scored four runs off two triples, one double, and one single. Their offense was hot all day, scoring one more in the fifth to nail the coffin. Tri Star Soxs wins 12-5.

Three-up three-down in the top of the first inning for the BS Athletics. The TN Bombers gave BC their two runs after two walks and a wild pickoff move in the bottom of the first. Pitcher did a good job of shutting them down the rest of the game. The TN Bombers jumped on it with the offense after a four-hit inning with two walks to help. The next inning, they scored seven runs off two doubles, three singles, and three walks. Their offense got shut down the last two innings when JC Sox brought in a new pitcher.

Diamond got the lead first after a leadoff single and double to bring him in. JC Sox offense couldn’t get their offense rolling until the fifth. Diamond got back on it in the second scoring five off a double, an error on the third baseman, three HBPs, and a throwing error. In the top of the fourth, they pieced two singles together to score one, and they got another run on a passed ball. Two singles and a wild pitch got one run in in the fifth for the Sox. No more runs were scored. Diamond won 8-1.

The pitcher for Hardknox was a smooth righty and had very good command of all his pitches. He executed fastballs and sliders on both sides of plate to really keep the Knox Sox offense off balanced. Hardknox got on the board first in the top of the first, scoring two runs. Knox Sox scored one in the bottom, but it would end up being their only one for a while. Hardknox kept at it on offense, scoring four in the second, two in the third, and one more in the seventh. Knox Sox couldn’t make a comeback, but put one more on the board in the bottom of the seventh.

The bats were silent until the top of the fourth inning. A leadoff single sparked a big inning for the Crusaders, scoring three runs off five hits; three singles and two doubles. The pitcher for the Crusaders totally dominated the Sox offense, only allowing three hits the whole game for a complete game shutout with a total of six Ks. The Crusaders got back on it with the offense in the seventh, where they scored four to finish the game off. Crusaders win again 9-0.

Diamond Nation scored the first run in the bottom of the first on a single, a stolen base, and another single. A leadoff double was left on base after a play at the plate in the top of the second. A walk scored on passed balls in the top of the third. Crusaders offense dominated the rest of the game, scoring once in the sixth and six in the seventh. Crusaders win 10-3.

Pitcher for Blaze had a no hitter through the fourth inning when he gave it up on a double. The first run was scored in the bottom of the third inning after a walk and a single. Diamond responded with a run on a double and two passed balls. A two-run inning for Blaze came in the bottom of the fourth with a leadoff single, a HBP, and a messed-up fielder’s choice that scored the runs. It went three-up three-down for a few innings until an HBP got around the bases on wild pitches allowing the Blaze to take the lead 3-2.

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